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What's the connection bw Dave and Jeremy leaving Crikey and Fairfax editors quitting?

Jeremy (from Victoria) and Dave (from NSW) announce that they’re leaving Crikey at the end of the week. Suddenly the editors of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald both quit. Coincidence? We’d love to tell you, but we can’t. Yet. UPDATE: An old friend thinks they might be after him, instead.

A worrying coincidence?

A tweet from the ABC’s Mark Colvin caught my eye last night: Fairfax mgmt spox @ SMH today, asked if paywall will be undermined by ABC: “After next election, I don’t think the ABC will be a problem”. — Mark Colvin (@Colvinius) June 18, 2012 Then today this pops up on the front of The […]

I think it would be fun to ruin a newspaper

Crikey sends Jeremy Sear and Dave Gaukroger on their way. And today, the inevitable next step: Fairfax to shed 1900 staff, erect paywalls Who’s mocking the slippery slope now? In other news, how canny an investor is Gina Rinehart? Just days before the Fairfax share price rockets, she dramatically increases her stake in the company. […]

Framing the Vox Pop II

You remember that framing the vox pop effort the other day, where a media organisation was preparing a story about the impact of the carbon price on a family but only interested in talking with those at the higher end of the income scale? Well, We can be pretty confident it was News, because here’s […]

Fairfax's new "Daily Life" website - because women are different from normal people

You’re a media company concerned that the way you report news and current debates tends to skew towards a male perspective. And to skew towards male readers. You’ve become aware there are “female” voices out there, and “female” readers, in – shockingly – significant numbers, and you’d like to direct them to your advertisers. What […]

I don't know if it's news, but I know what I like

Kitten photo + ammunition in long-standing war between those who prefer dogs or cats as pets = HITS! At least, that’s obviously what Fairfax is hoping for with this one in the Xmas-New Year quiet time: Kudos to them for not making it their lead story, though. ELSEWHERE: For its click-bait, News runs with “Fans […]

Just making it up as they go along

Greg Jericho has written another excellent post pointing out some breathtaking dishonesty in the budget reporting. Starting with the News Ltd tabloids: You’re rich enough on $150,000 a year, says Treasurer Wayne Swan Despite the quote in the article being: Mr Swan, who has been accused of triggering a new class war with his decision […]

Firfax utsources suburbs

Big news within the news industry is Fairfax’s announcement that they will be outsourcing subediting of their major mastheads to AAP subsidiary Pagemasters. This is on the heels of News Ltd’s decision to centralise its subediting, and suggestions that it plans to do away with local subeditors in Tasmania, managing subbing for titles like the […]

Fairfax's autoplay video ads backfire; will be abandoned

Good news – Fairfax’s obnoxious autoplay (and full sound) video ads are to be abandoned: Fairfax Media is understood to be preparing to scrap its policy of running autoplay videos within a fortnight, after a consumer backlash led to an advertiser boycott. Last week, media buying agency UM announced it would no longer buy video […]

Queensland flood thread

Obviously what’s happening up north is a serious tragedy, with repercussions that will extend well beyond when the waters eventually recede. And it’s the only thing the news media are talking about. So – have they done a good job, passing on vital updates to save lives and helping other Australians understand what’s going on […]