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Glenn Milne

Is anyone at News monitoring Andrew Bolt's Blog?

The Australian publishes a story by Glenn Milne, then removes it from their website, replacing it with this apology. Meanwhile, over at the Southbank Jester’s blog the assertions that The Australian has declared “untrue” are republished verbatim, covered by the tiniest of fig leaves. {No, I’m not going to link to the post. Rules on […]

Don't bore us with your talk of policy

Margot Saville in Monday’s Crikey excoriates the NSW Liberals’ campaign launch for listing too many policies: Power bills, fast trains, police stations, is this what state politics is reduced to — a laundry list of focus-group findings? Where’s the vision, the passion? Why is the campaign just “It’s Time” rather than “Vote for Us Because […]

Glenn Milne: Good on gossip, bad on geography?

Glenn Milne picks up the gossip wherever he can, and happily spreads it around: But in the extraordinary circumstances that now grip the governance of Australia, the “Comcar” drivers as they are shorthanded, have been talking. And the talk is that one of their passengers, Julia Gillard is now expecting all three country independents, Bob […]

Open thread May 31-June 4

The weekend thread is still kicking along with discussion about iPads and GM crops. Here’s a fresh home for new discussions – or feel free to bring over the old topics. As always, we’ll keep the links to the recent open threads in the sidebar to your right. Since debating government-funded advertising is all the […]

Open thread May 24-28

It’s time to kick off another week. The most exciting news I’ve encountered this morning is that I’ll soon be able to buy three new books by my favourite writer – after he’s been dead for a century and all. After last week decrying the “grubby, low-rent, low-road” approach of Labor and their alleged accomplice, […]

Let him who is without grubbiness cast the first stone

Yesterday’s Laurie Oakes interview on Today made some news. During his interview with Tony Abbott, Oakes revealed that Liberal front-bencher Peter Dutton has bought BHP shares a couple of days after the supposedly industry-threatening super-profits tax had been announced. How big a problem is that for Abbott and the Opposition? That’s debatable. Wayne Swan jumped […]

Open thread May 10-14

Let’s have a fresh thread to kick off the Budget week. We should be in for some interesting times, with Nielsen’s latest poll adding to the trend against Labor, and in particular the drop in Rudd’s personal support. In Mad Monday action, Glenn Milne drops the shocking revelation that he suspects Kevin Rudd is a […]

Wingnut Bingo

In the comments of an earlier post was this request from Ross Sharp. I’d like to think that we at Pure Poison are nothing, if not receptive to the needs of our readers, as such I’d like to present for you, Pure Poison’s Wingnut Bingo.

Open thread March 15-19

Let’s kick off another week with a thread for discussing anything that doesn’t fit the topic of other posts. The Australian delivers a healthy dose of Mad Monday to offset a solid column from MegaGeorge. Among the silliness:

Argument for argument's sake

There is something disconcerting about a political party that can’t describe what it stands for. More worrying is a party that vacillates in its response to important issues. Most worrying of all though is a party that changes its mind over what it stands for for no reason other than to have something to argue […]