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Herald Sun

The Inappropriately Happy Herald Sun reader returns

Yesterday she was giggling over a mother murdered for a cheap meal. Today she’s cacking herself about asylum seekers in peril on the sea: It’s funny because they didn’t arrive here safely. I wonder how many more of these we’ll see before somebody has a word with the people photoshopping the iPad ads. (Via an […]

The odd things that Herald Sun readers smile at

The Herald Sun champions psychopathic schadenfreude in its readers: The good news story really made her day Via LGWS

#asktony - in which Mr Abbott tries to make up for avoiding Lateline or Q&A by pretending to be available to answer questions on Twitter for twenty minutes, and it backfires

Yesterday afternoon Tony Abbott tried a bit of a stunt where he pretended to be available to answer meaningful questions if people sent them to him on Twitter with the #asktony hashtag. You can see why the concept appealed to Abbott – it would make him look like he was open to being challenged on […]

We don't know why you hate migrants after we've spent years demonising them

Weirdly, people in an electorate infected with the Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun are apparently increasingly opposed to immigration. I know! After all of the PEOPLE OF CERTAIN RACES THE POLICE ARE CONCEALING ARE COMMITTING VIOLENT CRIMES WINK WINK stuff, and the CERTAIN PEOPLE ARE “ILLEGALS” stuff, and the THE GOVT GIVES THEM LUXURY ITEMS […]


Unbelievable front page of today’s Herald Sun: The Herald Sun: our prose is aimed at 8 year olds. Our front pages at the under-5s Did I seriously just read that? It can’t be. Not seriously. But it’s there – in black and white:

Outraged that the PM hasn't exercised a power no PMs have

A quick case study of our hack tabloid media, with the Melbourne Herald Sun‘s version of today’s “big” story (something something Gillard something Thomson Slipper something WORST GOVERNMENT EVER). Tonight the paper is boasting that its readers don’t like the PM and are on board with the demands for a new election it’s been making […]

We are sure this is a complete coincidence

Today’s Herald Sun editorial: That “sex fiends” thing is completely unrelated to Peter Slipper. We just put those words right underneath his photograph for entirely innocent reasons. Gosh, we hope you didn’t skim past and associate that phrase with him! That’s the last thing we’d want! (Via John.)


Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu breaks an election promise about carbon reductions: A PLAN to cut Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent over the next decade is set to be dumped by the Baillieu government on the basis that it would merely lighten the load imposed on other states… The former Brumby government introduced […]

Herald Sun campaign of outrageously misleading readers on carbon price continues

The Herald Sun ran yesterday with a story that the Municipal Association of Victoria was threatening that “a state government plan to replace the insurance-based fire levy with a property-based tax collected by councils could lead to rate rises of 19-30 per cent“. Also, that according to some councils that would rather simply charge ratepayers […]

Imagine our democracy without the Herald Sun's contribution

So the Herald Sun is finally going behind a paywall. Here’s hoping that they properly value the content we talk most about here on Pure Poison. The provocative work of Anne Wright. The informative analysis of Andrew Bolt. The intriguingly anonymous editorials. It would be a shame if any of that, uh, quality content was […]