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Miranda Devine

Miranda's unique recollections.

Miranda Devine thinks that Gina Rinehart is exactly what Fairfax needs, and takes a trip down memory lane revisiting her own time at the Sydney Morning Herald to point out why. When I arrived at the Herald it was controlled by a handful of hard-Left enforcers who dictated how stories were covered, and undermined management […]

Miranda blurring the lines on "political correctness"

An article from Miranda Devine is like a box of chocolates, unpredictably gooey or nutty in the middle. I held my breath when I saw the headline of Miranda’s offering today: The tragedy of PC teaching THIS story of an inspirational teacher committed to helping underprivileged boys whose career has been destroyed by political correctness […]

Bob Brown retires; Christine Milne new leader of the Greens

Predictions from the obvious quarters of the imminent demise of the Greens (again) in 3… 2… 1… UPDATE: Senator Brown’s twitter account linked to Pure Poison yesterday. Today he’s no longer leader of the Greens. Coincidence? Or the first example of a devastating political effect? UPDATE #2: There’s a shock. The Herald Sun headline? Maybe […]

Democracy, Miranda style

I wonder if Miranda Devine is aware of the fact that not everyone in Sydney thinks the way that she does? Angry Sydney says it’s time for rolling Clover LORD Mayor Clover Moore has worn out her welcome with Sydneysiders – even the 34,000 people who voted for her at the last election must be […]

Warnie's gift to Miranda

Shane Warne’s altercation with a cyclist this week has given Miranda Devine the chance to take another ride on one of her old hobby-horses: Motorists are sick of the silent two-wheeled menaces on our road. We are sick of the way they weave through traffic, run red lights, come out of nowhere and ignore road […]

Why is everyone so nasty when we demand certain Australians be treated as second-class citizens?

Miranda Devine, in today’s Daily Telegraph, on those who are mean to supporters of traditional values: WITH its intolerance and standover tactics, the more militant arm of the women’s lobby is shooting itself in the foot. The vitriol and vile abuse heaped on anyone who speaks up for keeping women out of the professions is […]

And Miranda's unhinging gets sillier

If you thought that Miranda Devine’s facile Godwinning of the “freedom to print untrue smears” saga was absurd, wait till you see her effort this afternoon: “Hypocrisy in action”, Ms Devine’s post is titled. But wait, does that make even a passing amount of sense?

11 September 2011 - reflections on a decade of SUCCESS AND VICTORY

Naturally the right-wing commentariat are out in force today, attempting to persuade readers that the last decade has actually been a glorious victory for the West thanks to the wise leadership of George W Bush and John W Howard and Tony W Blair. (It’d be nice to live in a world in which they hadn’t […]

Who can we blame?

Miranda Devine raises an interesting subject, but comes to a different conclusion to what I would have thought obvious. Bushfires are already raging in northern Australia, and the fire season has come early to parts of Queensland ravaged by flood after a winter of lush grass growth from all that water. … Now comes an […]

What Miranda meant was...

Miranda Devine has defended her weekend opinion piece today: JACK-BOOT LEFT GIVES DADS A KICKING THE reaction to my column last week pointing out the perils of a fatherless society is a case study in how intimidation, vilification, distortion and outright lies are being used in an attempt to silence unfashionable opinions. Oh Miranda, no […]