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News Ltd staff writers

And in tomorrow's photo gallery, shots of dirt and grass

The most embarrassing self-parodic part of’s moronic, shameless click-bait “UK teen wrote letter to Santa demanding presents or she’d kill him” non-story? They’ve actually done a photo gallery of the commercially-available products on it – and an entry showing their readers what money looks like: “News”. Bravo. I wonder why it’s only ascribed to […]

The funniest, least self-aware words we've ever read in The Australian

Today’s editorial in The Australian, retorting to those who noticed how inconsistently News Ltd has treated the mother of its proprietor compared with another prominent supporter of the government’s action on climate change who didn’t have such a family connection: Regular readers of this newspaper will be aware of our consistent support for a market-based […]

SHOCK: News Ltd prefers Sky to ABC

Oh, love the journalism: Political TV that sets Sunday agenda AUSTRALIAN Agenda on Sky News set the pace for Sunday political television today with an in-depth interview with Julia Gillard… Australian Agenda is increasingly the choice for informed political observers who prefer substance to sound-bites. Political leaders too are increasingly showing a preference for Australian […]

Top newspaper's top editorial team enlists top ex-Victorian Bar anti-left barrister to "lash" Greens

So, it looks like the Sunday Herald Sun is doubling-down on its much-condemned and stunningly illogical smear (even Andrew Bolt called it a smear) against Greens candidate Brian Walters last week. Yes, they’ve declared war on the long-standing cab rank principle (now that it’s inconvenient to a last-minute misleading line they want to use to […]

Hoax exposed before News falls for it

To be honest, I’m surprised they’re still this gullible. News Ltd rewords a story from the “Artlurker” blog about an artist constructing a “Rape Tunnel” installation, where he will rape anyone who enters. It is, of course, a hoax, as any attempt by the professional news organisation to check sources – rather than just reprinting […]

Complex debate resolved

This week’s Herald Sun poll on the death penalty clearly proves one of two things: There’s a significant groundswell of opinion in Australia that, after carefully considering the pros and cons of the death penalty, and cognisant of the dangers, has come to the conclusion that capital punishment should once again have a place in […]

The real victim of the NSW/Qld dust storm

You’ve got to feel for the poor subeditor who had to come up with captions to add colour for 68 photos of suburbs glowing red: The town sure was painted red … just not in a good way. Workers weren’t quite sure what to do as the dust storm hit south east Queensland today. Not […]

How many Iranian deaths equal one popstar death?

With the nation’s major online news sites featuring at most one story on the ongoing crisis in Iran on their “front pages”, just how many stories are they currently devoting to the death of Michael Jackson? At 2.20pm: – eleven stories (although it’s a little unclear, since several of them have multiple links on […]

"Free" exaggerated

Another entry in the continuing series of misleading News Ltd beatups of sentencing decisions, with the Courier Mail in Queensland this week cynically stirring up some outrage with a dodgy contrast: Molester free while dad who bashed him could be jailed A QUEENSLAND father who bashed a man caught molesting his 10-year-old son is facing […]

Segue of the Week

Those wily “staff writers” at News Ltd have done it again, adding to their enthusiastic coverage of a less positive result for the Prime Minister in a poll they’ve conducted, an exciting exploration of “taxpayer-funded counselling for MPs”: KEVIN Rudd denies he is feeling stressed after a big drop in his approval ratings but should […]