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Piers Akerman

Why have elections when the Gallery can decide?

Dave GaukrogerApr 30, 201238 Comments

Gillard must resign, the government must go, e

Finkelstein Scares

Jeremy SearMar 16, 201212 Comments

So many of us have tried to warn you of the im

Oh Piers, you almost had me

Dave GaukrogerJan 27, 201211 Comments

I have to say that I found myself in a bit of

Classy as ever

Dave GaukrogerJan 10, 201219 Comments

Piers' hits and memories

Dave GaukrogerNov 21, 201117 Comments

Do you remember the time that almost every sho

Asylum seeker deaths

Dave GaukrogerNov 2, 201128 Comments

I'm sure no-one is surprised by the reaction

title here

title here

Dave GaukrogerOct 24, 201112 Comments

I found this gem from Piers had popped up in m

Piers talks manners (UPDATE: as does the ABC, rudely)

Piers talks manners (UPDATE: as does the ABC, rudely)

Dave GaukrogerOct 21, 201165 Comments

Is there anyone better equipped to give


Dave GaukrogerAug 5, 201144 Comments

There's a familiar refrain coming from commenters in the Murdoch press:

"it is .. why we are different to the Taliban"

Dave GaukrogerOct 18, 201076 Comments

There has been a lot of comment recently surrounding the three Australian soldiers who are to face a court martial over an incident in Afghanistan last year, indeed it seems to have bec