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Something Wonky launches

Something Wonky launches

Dave GaukrogerJun 29, 20129 Comments

The Pure Poison Podcast is dead, long live Something Wonky.

The final Pure Poison Podcast - #63 - Something Wonky this way comes

Dave GaukrogerJun 22, 201218 Comments

The final Pure Poison Podcast. The last ever #LOLBolt comedy section, discussing News Ltd and Fairfax's future as well as Dave and Jeremy's future.

Pure Poison Podcast #61 - Our transmitter was too weak

Dave GaukrogerJun 8, 20123 Comments

Jeremy and Dave discuss the impending end of the Pure Poison blog, and what's next for Australia's most loved podcast. When we finish the navel gazing the focus is on the Daily Tele, Pe

Pure Poison Podcast #59 - Jesus didn't say anything about fluoridated water

Dave GaukrogerMay 27, 20129 Comments

Despite the malign intent of Jeremy's new modem, the frailty of Skype and the multilayered levels of frustration we both experienced, we have a new episode for you. This week we briefly

Pure Poison Podcast #58 - Larrikin Artistic License

Dave GaukrogerMay 18, 20128 Comments

It's our Budget coverage episode, with a diversion through things that aren't scalping, jail sentences that aren't how they're reported, and a Federal MP who hasn't actually changed sid

Pure Poison Podcast #57 - Asterisk Dildos

Dave GaukrogerMay 4, 20127 Comments

What on Earth has happened to news.com.au (seriously, dildos?); Paul Sheehan; our self-important press gallery; and why hasn't the PM done things that the Constitution doesn't give her

Pure Poison Podcast #56 - Left Justified Text

Dave GaukrogerApr 27, 20125 Comments

Some reflections on ANZAC Day, Cory Bernardi's iPhone app, Peter Slipper, LOLBolt and the usual nonsense.

Pure Poison Podcast #55 - An official joke

Dave GaukrogerApr 20, 20122 Comments

No #LOLBolt section, yet quite a lot of LOLBolt. More Greens' leadership waffle, and plenty of the usual tosh.

Pure Poison Podcast #54 - Not that anyone we’ve discussed would do that

Dave GaukrogerApr 13, 20128 Comments

The Easter non-ratings period is over and the Pure Poison Podcast is back, and it's got stuff in it. Generational change for the Greens, set top box hacking for News Corp, Amazon bombin

Pure Poison Podcast #53 - Oompa Loompas wouldn't unionise

Dave GaukrogerMar 30, 20123 Comments

Mike Daisey, winning the war on mortgagees, the Australian and the NBN, Clive Palmer, The AVN and more.