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What's the connection bw Dave and Jeremy leaving Crikey and Fairfax editors quitting?

Jeremy SearJun 26, 20129 Comments

Jeremy (from Victoria) and Dave (from NSW) announce that they're leaving Crikey at the end of the week. Suddenly

"Unfair, unbalanced and savagely skewed to fit his ideological inclinations"

Jeremy SearJun 25, 201237 Comments

A newspaper writer discusses another member of his profession: ...whose writing I’ve often found to be unfair, unbalanced and savagely skewed to fit his ideological incli

Actually, I'm more concerned about what Tina Alldis admitted than her offending journalists

Jeremy SearJun 24, 201212 Comments

One effect of sacking large numbers of journos is that those remaining will have less time to file more content. Which, based on what we've seen in the past, is often a great opportunit

A worrying coincidence?

A worrying coincidence?

Dave GaukrogerJun 20, 201260 Comments

A tweet from the ABC's Mark Colvin caught my eye last night: Fairfax mgmt spox @ SMH today, asked if paywall will be undermined by ABC: "After next

Not many #lolBolts left

Jeremy SearJun 20, 201221 Comments

There's not much time left for the gentle amusement of #lolBolts, but the great man is doing his best to send us off in style. Andrew Bolt complains that he appears to be i

Actually, the Craig Thomson beat-up is exactly the sort of political "up-skirting" that's turning those wanting quality journalism off the old mastheads

Jeremy SearJun 19, 201213 Comments

I agree with John Birmingham that there has to be a model for paying real journalists exposing important stories about which we need to know for our democracy to function - and that mix

I think it would be fun to ruin a newspaper

Jeremy SearJun 18, 201225 Comments

Crikey sends Jeremy Sear and Dave Gaukroger on their way. And today, the inevitable next step:

"Those who want less scrutiny"

Jeremy SearJun 17, 201210 Comments

Andrew Bolt on Leve

Did Andrew Bolt get /anything/ right in his post on marriage equality in Denmark?

Jeremy SearJun 9, 201244 Comments

So Denmark has finally removed gender gender discrimination from its marriage law thereby causing

When the figures don't fit the narrative

Dave GaukrogerJun 7, 20126 Comments

Yesterday saw a surprisingly strong GDP growth figure delivered by the ABS, which you would think would be welcomed by economics correspondents. Peter Martin in the Sydney Morning Her