June, 2012

What’s the connection bw Dave and Jeremy leaving Crikey and Fairfax editors quitting?

, Jun 26, 2012

Jeremy (from Victoria) and Dave (from NSW) announce that they’re leaving Crikey at the end of the week. Suddenly the editors of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald both quit. Coincidence? We’d love to tell you, but we can’t. Yet. UPDATE: An old friend thinks they might be after him, instead.

“Unfair, unbalanced and savagely skewed to fit his ideological inclinations”

, Jun 25, 2012

A newspaper writer discusses another member of his profession: …whose writing I’ve often found to be unfair, unbalanced and savagely skewed to fit his ideological inclinations, sometimes to the point of melodrama. I suspect everyone who’s stuck by Pure Poison to its final week can guess who it’s about, and who’s making the comment.

Actually, I’m more concerned about what Tina Alldis admitted than her offending journalists

, Jun 24, 2012

One effect of sacking large numbers of journos is that those remaining will have less time to file more content. Which, based on what we’ve seen in the past, is often a great opportunity for PR flacks hoping that their thinly-veiled advertorial media releases might appear in formerly credible publications with little scrutiny. Here’s Tina […]
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A worrying coincidence?

, Jun 20, 2012

A tweet from the ABC’s Mark Colvin caught my eye last night: Fairfax mgmt spox @ SMH today, asked if paywall will be undermined by ABC: “After next election, I don’t think the ABC will be a problem”. — Mark Colvin (@Colvinius) June 18, 2012 Then today this pops up on the front of The […]

Not many #lolBolts left

, Jun 20, 2012

There’s not much time left for the gentle amusement of #lolBolts, but the great man is doing his best to send us off in style. Andrew Bolt complains that he appears to be in the higher income brackets that aren’t getting much out of the carbon price compensation package. “Amazing that I’ve missed out“, he […]

Actually, the Craig Thomson beat-up is exactly the sort of political “up-skirting” that’s turning those wanting quality journalism off the old mastheads

, Jun 19, 2012

I agree with John Birmingham that there has to be a model for paying real journalists exposing important stories about which we need to know for our democracy to function – and that mixing their work in with celebrity fluff isn’t it. But I think he could have picked a better example of a “worthy” […]

I think it would be fun to ruin a newspaper

, Jun 18, 2012

Crikey sends Jeremy Sear and Dave Gaukroger on their way. And today, the inevitable next step: Fairfax to shed 1900 staff, erect paywalls Who’s mocking the slippery slope now? In other news, how canny an investor is Gina Rinehart? Just days before the Fairfax share price rockets, she dramatically increases her stake in the company. […]

“Those who want less scrutiny”

, Jun 17, 2012

Andrew Bolt on Leveson, calling out those complaining about holding a powerful media organisation to account, those …giving every appearance of sympathy to those who want less scrutiny… Good on Andrew for standing up against the shameless self-interested bleating of those who think no law, no regulation should apply to them. Those who think “scrutiny” […]

Did Andrew Bolt get /anything/ right in his post on marriage equality in Denmark?

, Jun 09, 2012

So Denmark has finally removed gender gender discrimination from its marriage law thereby causing same sex marriages to be recognised by the state. They’re even to be performed in the official state church, although pastors retain the right to refuse to participate if discrimination against gay people is a fundamental part of their belief system. […]

When the figures don’t fit the narrative

, Jun 07, 2012

Yesterday saw a surprisingly strong GDP growth figure delivered by the ABS, which you would think would be welcomed by economics correspondents. Peter Martin in the Sydney Morning Herald: GDP. We’re booming, if you can believe it The figures suggest Australians bought 4 per cent more food during the quarter, 6 per cent more transport […]
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Mmmm. Martin DiStasio with that chilling report.

, Jun 07, 2012

The ABC sums up the embarrassing TodayTonight/A Current Affair prostitute shemozzle this morning: Unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot of the footage with both TT and ACA logos and ironic “exclusive” tags covering it. It’s a squabble over one of the almost 23 million Australians who have never slept with Craig Thomson. And if there’s […]

If only we could harness irony as clean energy

, Jun 06, 2012

Which media organisation do you think is being referred to in this passage? I do not agree with direct intervention in the coverage of a story, and would certainly protest and probably resign over such interference myself. I also believe that promoting your journalists as fearless and independent is actually a selling point. Moreover, the […]
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Being part of the problem.

, Jun 06, 2012

An interesting juxtaposition greeted me when I looked at the Sydney Morning Herald online this morning: On one hand we have the Reserve Bank telling us that: … central to the decision was a concern that no matter how good the domestic economic news, Australians are scarcely noticing in an atmosphere muddied by campaigning against […]

Framing the vox pop

, Jun 05, 2012

An advertisement presently on SourceBottle: Families Wanted Country: Australia Media outlet/Publication: Major metro newspaper Does your source need to be local? Yes Summary: Need a family to talk about carbon tax Details: Do you live in Melbourne? Do you have a combined household income of $90,000? Do you also have two teenagers? We want you! […]

Moving On

, Jun 05, 2012

We have been talking on and off since the beginning of the year about finishing up at Pure Poison. We feel that we’ve said most of what we set out to say on the subject. And there are potential changes coming in each of our lives that would make continuing on with the blog unrealistic. […]
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When Penberthy defends a brutal assault

, Jun 05, 2012

A quick look at David Penberthy’s by-the-numbers tabloid beatup today on the sentencing of a prison guard to jail time for punching a prisoner in his custody twenty times after that prisoner spat at him through the bars. Here’s the footage (click to watch): Here’s how Penberthy spins it: Court tells prison guards to go […]

Miranda blurring the lines on “political correctness”

, Jun 04, 2012

An article from Miranda Devine is like a box of chocolates, unpredictably gooey or nutty in the middle. I held my breath when I saw the headline of Miranda’s offering today: The tragedy of PC teaching THIS story of an inspirational teacher committed to helping underprivileged boys whose career has been destroyed by political correctness […]
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Pure Poison Podcast #60 – A great year to be a bad businessman

, Jun 01, 2012

This week Dave and Jeremy discuss carbon tax shenanigans, concern trolling and groupthink. You can download the podcast, find it at the iTunes music store, subscribe to the feed in iTunes or stream it online at our podbean page. For those of you subscribing through iTunes, we’d really appreciate it if you could take the […]

Not quite the same thing

, May 30, 2012

Surely an honest mistake at the Daily Telegraph: Mr Abbott addressed his own party room, with polls showing his satisfaction level had hit a low of 60 per cent. Because according to The Australian: Mr Abbott’s personal support is now at its lowest level since he became Opposition Leader in 2009, with dissatisfaction hitting a […]

Andrew’s readers so “smart” they enjoy a bit of cynical repetition

, May 29, 2012

Andrew Bolt tries to make his readers feel SMART for believing that humans can pump whatever we like into the atmosphere with NO EFFECTS WHATSOEVER because MAGIC. “Slowly, the smart people are winning”, he declares, linking to a Fox News story yesterday about a survey they assert shows “that people who are not that worried […]