June, 2011

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Hey, you can be xenophobic about people, but not precious foreign money!

, Jun 30, 2011

Sinclair Davidson in The Australian laments the Greens’ oppressive money “xenophobia” (demanding that the Australian taxpayer get a bigger slice of the multinationals’ profits on our irreplaceable natural resources): Brown’s economic xenophobia will cost us dearly FOR a man who so warmly embraces every foreigner seeking asylum in Australia, Bob Brown is strangely xenophobic when […]

Conspiracy or clique?

, Nov 24, 2009

Over the weekend I found myself fascinated by the story of a group of prominent scientists who conspired to promote the theory they supported. Their correspondence revealed how they agonised over the impact of others’ publications and reviews, planned their public commentary so that their critics would be thwarted, and worked together to raise the […]