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The Australian

The many definitions of "editorial independence"

Bad news for those thinking about subscribing to The Australian, according to these remarks it published today: …just $1200 a person. When you think about it, this is probably the equivalent of a two to four-year subscription to a pay-walled media site. In fact, it would get you 2.9 years’ worth of The Australian’s complete […]

Tweet of the day

Task for the day: spot the inclusion of a single dissenting opinion in the Australian’s coverage of ABC “groupthink”. — Stephen Spencer (@sspencer_63) May 26, 2012

The madness of The Australian

This morning’s #lolstralian: Not The Onion The hammer and sickle. Communists. Not giving big business a tax cut the Liberals have refused to pass through parliament. Forcing single mothers onto the below subsistence NewStart. Yeah. “Smash the rich”. Communists. See, this is why I wonder how much blame for the ALP’s poor Newspolling should be […]

Elsewhere - Unpublished letter to the Editor, Politics of envy edition

Unpublished letter to the Editor, Politics of envy edition Your editorial (Politics of envy threatens our economy and ethos, 2 May) claims that “Research by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling has shown that all income levels prospered in the Howard years and that under the Rudd-Gillard governments the gap between rich and […]

Surely if mum works at The Australian they must be nice

The funniest thing about The Australian publishing the first-hand musings of a young journalism student’s experience at University isn’t the fact that the headline “University students have an almost universal disdain for the mainstream media” decimates their theory of LEFTIST INDOCTRINATION AT UNIVERSITIES because it turns out to describe students’ attitudes before their lecturers open […]

Brendan O'Neill in the Oz: gays getting married is the first step towards TOTALITARIANISM!!11!1!

I’m always on the lookout for an actual argument against marriage equality – it would make me feel better about the fact that, despite no-one apparently being able to offer one, it hasn’t simply happened here yet. So it was in that spirit that I started reading Brendan O’Neill’s effort in this morning’s Australian. Can […]

Not quite right

Crikey’s production Ninja Leigh Josey shared this item from the hard copy of today’s Australian. As Leigh said on twitter, that changes the story a little. A free connection is rather different than one that costs $200,000. Sadly the link to the original article from google goes to a 404 page on The Oz’s website, […]

Where's Clive?

When a prominent, influential donor and supporter of one of our major political parties announces that the intelligence agency of a foreign power is orchestrating a campaign against Australian interests you think that’d be pretty big news. Apparently not if that person is Clive Palmer. Today’s Australian: How about Queensland’s own Courier Mail?

The Australian humiliates an Aussie family

Back in November we saw the Daily Telegraph cruelly holding the Samuelson family up to ridicule allowing them to complain about the fact that their $150,000 plus income meant that they would not be receiving the same level of compensation given to people on lower incomes to offset price rises due to the Clean Energy […]

Why would you care about such a critical detail as whether the "designer vaginas on Medicare" claim was credible or not?

The Australian runs with a difficult to believe (if you’ve ever dealt with the organisation) claim about extraordinary alleged Medicare payouts: Tony Webber claims… that the safety net has been used to “subsidise cosmetic procedures such as surgery for ‘designer vaginas’ at $5000-$6000 each”. Well that’s a freebie for every shock jock wanting to pretend […]