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Tim Blair

The company that actually does censor the news, projecting again

News Ltd is not keen on the idea of having its dominant position in the media landscape questioned. So, unsurprisingly, its various polemicists got very angry last week when Bob Brown called for a media inquiry, pretending he was seeking communist-style authoritarian oppression. What Bob Brown actually called for: “While there have not been any […]

The whispering process or: how a story is seriously twisted on its way to News Ltd readers

Watch how, in the hands of the shameless, “Desperate Housewives and [the] Late Show With David Letterman are doing more to persuade Saudi youth to reject violent jihad than hundreds of millions of dollars of US government propaganda” becomes “Fox News – fair, balanced and turning Saudis off jihad like no CNN could” in just […]

Wingnut Bingo

In the comments of an earlier post was this request from Ross Sharp. I’d like to think that we at Pure Poison are nothing, if not receptive to the needs of our readers, as such I’d like to present for you, Pure Poison’s Wingnut Bingo.

Opinion writing without stating an opinion

It’s been revealing watching the way prominent conservative Australian News Ltd opinion writers have been responding this week to the passing of the US health care legislation. On the one hand, they want to sink the boot into progressives on the issue – in the case of those with a significant audience of rightwing Americans […]

Just saying.

The Punch: Why we’re BANNING reader comments in SILLY capitals Our website The Punch is banning reader comments which contain words typed in all capitals. Why? Because they’re REALLY ANNOYING. They not only LOOK HORRIBLE but they’re often a substitute for REASONED ARGUMENT. This is because they are generally employed by people who, rather than […]

To me it looks like corporate Australia is cynically abusing the word "green" - to you, maybe the opposite

Ever noticed how a particular piece of information can “prove” two completely contradictory things to different people, depending on what they already believe on the subject? For example, whenever I see large commercial entities using “green” concerns to justify ripping off customers – for example, charging customers for paper bills – it’s evidence to me […]

Now we can mention it

In the Daily Telegraph’s tim Blair’s original, brief little reference to Sarah Palin’s expensive speech to “tea party” conservatives the other day, he noticeably refused to acknowledge the controversy – of which he must have been aware – regarding her writing her talking points (yes, her talking points, all three of them) on her hand. […]

I see what you did there

Tim Blair, mocking a climate scientist’s apparent consideration of suicide, describing the much more tragic plight of those like himself: Imagine how they would have coped if they’d been condemned as the equivalent of Holocaust deniers or deranged flat-earthers or bribe-receiving frauds. It’s a wonder that any of us realists are still alive or have […]

It's all good fun until someone points out the eyes.

Defender of political correctness, Tim Blair, has joined Andrew Bolt in denouncing The Age’s use of of an unflattering photo of Viscount Christopher Monckton on their website.

There's a time and a place

Quick question: say you’re a newspaper polemicist, and you’re known for making a big deal out of a violent offender’s religion if it happens to be A Particular One You Have Concerns About, and you’re commenting on a recent violent incident of a very similar sort but involving someone not of That Religion, and in […]