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Repost - Piers precipitating preposterous porkies? Potentially.

As we meander towards the end of the month and the end of Pure Poison we thought we’d drag a few of our favourite articles from the archives and give them a second airing. It’s instructive to look at how the things we cover here have, or haven’t, changed over the past three years. This […]

Pure Poison Podcast #62 - Hitting the slippery slopes

We #AskTony, cast an eye over the ACL, investigate marriage equality in Denmark, get the vibe of the economy and wonder aloud about the prostitute who didn’t sleep with Craig Thomson. You can download the podcast, find it at the iTunes music store, subscribe to the feed in iTunes or stream it online at our […]

Fairfax's social media for women

Fairfax’s regional titles have launched a new program to try to engage with their female readers called “Connect Pink“. I’ll let it speak for itself. Ladies, the wait is over. Fairfax Regional Media today launches ConnectPink – a new social media network for women in regional and remote Australia. Featuring the best from traditional social […]

Elsewhere - Terry McCrann gets it wrong, again

Terry McCrann gets it wrong, again So over the last year or two Terry McCrann has very confidently predicted four or five RBA decisions, immediately before the meeting (as opposed to months or weeks before), that did not come to pass. Terry also has a habit of always defending/rationalising RBA decisions after the event. It […]

You can make meaningful assertions about 23 million Australians from 602 people in a phone survey, right?

If you’re a Victorian, you might have seen this headline on the front page of Saturday’s Herald Sun. (If you’re in Sydney, I believe there was an equivalent on the front page of the Daily Telegraph): “Julia’s bribes backfire”. Apart from that being an interesting reveal into how News Ltd plans to deal with the […]

Australia punishing women who'd dare to flee domestic violence; not an important story, is it?

A report in today’s Age about the plight of refugee women, victims of domestic violence, who forced by our law to choose between staying with their abuser or being deported to an even more dangerous situation from which they originally fled strikes me as enormously important. Anyone who’s opposed to amending the law so that’s […]

Cut and Paste Trophy - February 29

The arrival of the new Cut & Paste Trophy thread hints at something wonderful: that a new podcast has been recorded and it’s time to start collecting entries for the next one. PS – for those new to Pure Poison: What is the Cut & Paste Trophy?

#LOLBolt quarantine zone - 1 February

There’s no doubting the incredible work ethic of the Southbank Jester, Andrew Bolt, which is why we’ve decided to dedicate a thread to him each week where you can discuss his unique contributions to public discussion. Dump your #LOLBolt observations in here so we can keep discussions in the open threads a little more sane, […]

Elsewhere - Media inquiry day one: Chicken Little takes the floor

Media inquiry day one: Chicken Little takes the floor As journalists and academics got ready to outline a new media order at the Finkelstein inquiry yesterday, anti-regulationists lined up to dismiss the process with bipartisan relish. On day one of the inquiry, editorials were calling it “unnecessary and ill-conceived” (Fairfax) and a potential “echo-chamber of […]

Weekend talk thread November 4 - 6

I know there’s a fair bit of love for tractors in weekend threads, but have you ever wanted to build your own? Want to build some life size Meccano gear? Then take a look at the Global Village Construction Set, a modular, DIY, plan to help communities build and maintain their own industrial machinery. Something […]