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The Australian can’t be wrong forever

Fellow Crikey blogger (and supportive friend of this site in its first days) Mark Bahnisch has been mocked by both Tim Blair and The Australian for failing to predict the calling of the Queensland election. Bahnisch remained skeptical long after the Australian had decided, weeks ago, that an early election was about to be called […]

Pure Science: Seeing ideological bias in research findings

Most of our work here at Pure Poison deals with taking on specific instances of intellectual dishonesty in the media. We’re aiming to dismantle the flawed arguments and promote a genuine exchange of ideas. But it’s also important to step back and look at the processes of thinking and communication that help intellectual dishonesty to […]

Open thread 24 Feb ’09

We love having you comment here at Pure Poison but it’s a little bit difficult for discussion to continue uninterrupted on specific posts when off-topic comments land in the middle of them. So each day we’ll launch an open thread where you can leave comments that don’t quite fit on one of the other posts. […]

Closing the loop

Recycled dishonesty. I noticed much the same with the wind farm near Wonthaggi during the worst of Victoria’s heat wave: 28/1 3:00pm CALM Please enter your email address Sign up 28/1 09:00am 4km/h 28/1 06:00am 4km/h 27/1 3:00pm 7km/h 27/1 09:00am 9km/h 27/1 06:00am 4km/h 26/1 03:00pm 15km/h 26/1 09:00am CALM 26/1 06:00am CALM Recycled […]

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More false allegations from rattled News Ltd. blogger

Just to set the record absolutely straight, Pure Poison is in no way responsible for a supposed attack on Andrew Bolt’s blog by identity-stealing insurgents, for which Bolt points his finger squarely at us. Dear readers, I have just deleted from this thread a comment from a reader saying he wished he’d “assassinated” Bob Brown […]

If you disagree with Clive Hamilton, you want children to view porn

Clive Hamilton’s flimsy defence in The Australian last week of Stephen Conroy’s ill-conceived internet filtering scheme, is a nastily flawed polemic that I can’t let pass without comment. First, he spends the first five paragraphs, a quarter of his article, on a bizarrely detailed fictional tale of a young boy finding pornography on the internet […]

How to fail a smear in three easy steps

Announce that regular commenters at your blog have had their names stolen by trolls, with racist comments posted in those names.  ALERT: We have detected in past two days a number of new readers – or old readers using new fake names – posing as racists and claiming to be my keenest supporters. This is […]

The splash, the ripples and what they mean

No one loves the old show of force — or pre-emptive strike, if you will — quite as much as the wingnuts. Yesterday, within a day of Pure Poison’s launch, we witnessed an attempted display of such from a tetchy bunch of bloggers, whose semi-united front against the new site and its contributors ended up looking more like a throng […]

Legal reasons suspended

The Herald Sun today reports on a legal case between a Queensland woman who was injured at a Victorian surf lifesaving competition and the St John’s Ambulance volunteers who she alleges caused her permanent physical injury. Reading the report it’s very difficult to get a sense of who’s right and who’s wrong, and there are […]

Shoot yourself in the foot in three easy steps

Andrew Bolt agrees with a retired lawyer in a newspaper article that current Australian of the Year, Mick Dodson, should not be Australian of the Year because he was once called “dishonest” by a Supreme Court judge. One of Andrew’s commenters leaves this comment: But Andrew, the Court of Appeal has also branded you “at […]