The Australian can’t be wrong forever

Feb 24, 2009 5

Fellow Crikey blogger (and

Pure Science: Seeing ideological bias in research findings

Feb 24, 2009 14

Most of our work here at Pure Poison deals with taking on specific instances of intellectual dishonesty in the media. We're aiming to dismantle the flawed arguments and promote

Open thread 24 Feb ’09

Scott BridgesFeb 24, 2009 11

We love having you comment here at Pure Poison but it's a little bit difficult for discussion to continue uninterrupted on specific posts when off-topic comments land in the midd

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Closing the loop

Scott BridgesFeb 23, 2009 16

Recycled dishonesty. I noticed much

More false allegations from rattled News Ltd. blogger

Scott BridgesFeb 23, 2009 22

Just to set the record absolutely straight, Pure Poison is in no way responsible for a

If you disagree with Clive Hamilton, you want children to view porn

Feb 23, 2009 15

Clive Hamilton's flimsy defence in The Australian last week of Stephen Conroy's

How to fail a smear in three easy steps

Scott BridgesFeb 21, 2009 84

Announce that regular commenters at your blog have had t

The splash, the ripples and what they mean

Feb 20, 2009 23

No one loves the old show of force --- or pre-emptive strike, if you will --- quite as much as the wingnuts. Yesterday, within a day of Pure Poison's launch, we witnessed an attempte

Legal reasons suspended

Scott BridgesFeb 20, 2009 14

The Herald Sun today reports on a legal case between a Queensland w

Shoot yourself in the foot in three easy steps

Scott BridgesFeb 20, 2009 11

Andrew Bolt agrees with a retired lawyer in a newspaper article th