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Poison comment of the month: February

Anybody who has been unlucky enough to spend time wading through the comment threads at Bolt or Blair’s blogs know that their commenters (supporters and opponents) can say some pretty poisonous things. However, the uneven moderation policy at both sites tends to filter out a lot of comments that are roughly critical of the writers, […]

Blair: you never laid a hand on me

Tim Blair’s confidence regarding future disputes with Pure Poison is apparently based on his undefeated status in previous matches: Jeremy and co. have been throwing punches for years, but so far have never landed a hit. And if anyone was going to fairly and objectively evaluate the success of any particular criticism on The Blair/Bolt […]

Help us condemn lefties too

Some of you may have noticed that, although the four writers behind Pure Poison are clearly lefties from left-wing sites apparently dedicated left-wingedly to attacking conservative columnists (from the left), and although Pure Poison has thus far not criticised anyone who wasn’t a hardline conservative, the mission statement of the site claims that we’ll be […]

Being an opinion-maker means never having to say you’re sorry

For pundits with an agenda to push, one of the best things about blogging has to be the fact that new posts appear at the top and old content just fades into the archives. Get something monumentally wrong? It’s no big deal, because if you keep cranking out more blog posts then the dodgy ones […]

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Global warming is a load of crap. Or not

Andrew Bolt is a strident critic of the AGW theory (I don’t need to provide any links for that, do I?), so what is it with this post about the irony of global warming combating global warming? Global warming may cut the very emissions we’re told cause global warming: GLOBAL warming may be a worry […]

You’re wrong, Kevin. Just because

There are many, many theories about how best to educate children and they overlap, contradict and borrow from each other. The “silver bullet” of education is probably so elusive because no two children are the same and no two children will respond in the same way to the same teaching approach. This is what makes […]

The writing class

Last month Andrew Bolt made an oblique reference to Australia’s “writing class”, suggesting that some members of this nebulous group hate Australia. It seems that some people of our writing class simply find it fashionable to take offence at their country… But what exactly is this “writing class”, how does one apply for membership, and […]

Bolt: Ross Gittins hates compassion and pity and decency

Andrew Bolt has a fantastically unfair go at Age columnist Ross Gittins this morning, following Gittins’ piece excoriating selective compassion. Gittins leads into it in a fairly provocative way – The outpouring of public concern over the terrible Victorian bushfires, the rush to give blood, the huge amount of donations, the efforts of governments to […]

Bolt blinded to 50% of stats

Any primary school student (even the ones that go to those eeeeevil government “schools” that indoctrinate instead of teach) will tell you that “predict” means “have an educated and informed guess at something that can’t be known for sure”, and that “chance” means “the likelihood or probability of something happening”. So when Andrew Bolt points […]


A common cry of tim’s winged monkeys when anyone criticises his work is that the critic fails to understand what tim meant. His fans will argue that, even though the post might be short, lacking much substance, and filled with base mockery, race-baiting and unsubstantiated or illogical ramblings, underneath the surface lies evidence of the […]