Not many #lolBolts left

Jun 20, 2012 21

There's not much time left for the gentle amusement of #lolBolts, but the great man is doing his best to send us off in style. Andrew Bolt complains that he appears to be i

Not a parody

Not a parody

Jun 19, 2012 6

How on Earth will Fairfax report news stories when it's down 1900 staff?

Well, at least there’s nothing awry in the world of radio

Jun 19, 2012 15

Good news for those wanting to see that at least one form of media in the country is swimming along

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Actually, the Craig Thomson beat-up is exactly the sort of political “up-skirting” that’s turning those wanting quality journalism off the old mastheads

Jun 19, 2012 13

I agree with John Birmingham that there has to be a model for paying real journalists exposing important stories about which we need to know for our democracy to function - and that mix

I think it would be fun to ruin a newspaper

Jun 18, 2012 25

Crikey sends Jeremy Sear and Dave Gaukroger on their way. And today, the inevitable next step:

Open thread June 18 – 22

Dave GaukrogerJun 18, 2012 85

Have at it.

“Those who want less scrutiny”

Jun 17, 2012 10

Andrew Bolt on Leve

No, that's meant to be the fluff piece at the end of the news

No, that’s meant to be the fluff piece at the end of the news

Jun 16, 2012 7

Right now, The Age website is leading with a football result. I know what you're thinking - that's news? That's a lead story? Well, it's more of a lead story than MAN ON A TIGHTRO

Pure Poison Podcast #62 – Hitting the slippery slopes

Dave GaukrogerJun 16, 2012 6

We #AskTony, cast an eye over the ACL, investigate marriage equality in Denmark, get the vibe of the economy and wonder aloud about the prostitute who didn't sleep with Craig Thomson.

Fairfax’s social media for women

Dave GaukrogerJun 15, 2012 20

Fairfax's regional titles have launched a new program to try to engage with their female readers called "