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Weekend talk thread June 15-17

Half way through Pure Poison’s final month, time for a weekend open thread. Take it away.

#asktony – in which Mr Abbott tries to make up for avoiding Lateline or Q&A by pretending to be available to answer questions on Twitter for twenty minutes, and it backfires

Yesterday afternoon Tony Abbott tried a bit of a stunt where he pretended to be available to answer meaningful questions if people sent them to him on Twitter with the #asktony hashtag. You can see why the concept appealed to Abbott – it would make him look like he was open to being challenged on […]

A punchy morning

We fear for The Punch. Without a Crikey blog regularly mocking its extremes and shameless troll-baiting, what will motivate them to continue? Without our Yin to their diabolical Yang, can they continue to exist? Who is Robb Stark without a Joffrey “Baratheon” to oppose? (Shut up, you know why.) Anyway, here’s their Monday offering: Tory […]

Weekly open thread, 12-15 June 2012

A short week, so let’s move on from the PM’s ludicrous explanation last night for why she supports the law discriminating against gay people (paraphrasing, “I don’t want to get married so I don’t care if other people are arbitrarily prevented from exercising the choice I enjoy”) to whatever half-baked drivel the commentariat are up […]

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Did Andrew Bolt get /anything/ right in his post on marriage equality in Denmark?

So Denmark has finally removed gender gender discrimination from its marriage law thereby causing same sex marriages to be recognised by the state. They’re even to be performed in the official state church, although pastors retain the right to refuse to participate if discrimination against gay people is a fundamental part of their belief system. […]

Pure Poison Podcast #61 – Our transmitter was too weak

Jeremy and Dave discuss the impending end of the Pure Poison blog, and what’s next for Australia’s most loved podcast. When we finish the navel gazing the focus is on the Daily Tele, Penbo, Miranda, the Press Council and ACMA You can download the podcast, find it at the iTunes music store, subscribe to the […]

Elsewhere – Productivity surged, but we’re “becoming a low productivity nation”?

Productivity surged, but we’re becoming a low productivity nation? Yesterday, the national accounts released by the ABS showed that we had the fastest productivity growth in over a decade, in the year to the March quarter. You would think that this would give pause to the alarmists who claim that our current industrial relations laws […]

Repost – News Ltd cynically puts real criminal justice at risk

As we meander towards the end of the month and the end of Pure Poison we thought we’d drag a few of our favourite articles from the archives and give them a second airing. It’s instructive to look at how the things we cover here have, or haven’t, changed over the past three years. This […]

Framing the Vox Pop II

You remember that framing the vox pop effort the other day, where a media organisation was preparing a story about the impact of the carbon price on a family but only interested in talking with those at the higher end of the income scale? Well, We can be pretty confident it was News, because here’s […]