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When the figures don’t fit the narrative

Yesterday saw a surprisingly strong GDP growth figure delivered by the ABS, which you would think would be welcomed by economics correspondents. Peter Martin in the Sydney Morning Herald: GDP. We’re booming, if you can believe it The figures suggest Australians bought 4 per cent more food during the quarter, 6 per cent more transport […]

Elsewhere – As predicted, “good economic news” buried by media.

As predicted, “good economic news” buried by media Entirely predictable: a bad economic news story, such as a fall in house prices, will feature all day as the lead story on the SMH’s online site. Yet arguably the most important domestic economic news in 2012–today’s first quarter ABS GDP data–which more than doubled economist expectations […]

Mmmm. Martin DiStasio with that chilling report.

Mmmm. Martin DiStasio with that chilling report.

The ABC sums up the embarrassing TodayTonight/A Current Affair prostitute shemozzle this morning: Unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot of the footage with both TT and ACA logos and ironic “exclusive” tags covering it. It’s a squabble over one of the almost 23 million Australians who have never slept with Craig Thomson. And if there’s […]

Repost – Lock up your fathers

As we meander towards the end of the month and the end of Pure Poison we thought we’d drag a few of our favourite articles from the archives and give them a second airing. It’s instructive to look at how the things we cover here have, or haven’t, changed over the past three years. This […]

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Elsewhere – The ACL’s bizarre obsession with gay people.

The ACL’s bizarre obsession with gay people. Overwhelmingly, the ACL was preoccupied with gay people. It’s not quite half of their total output, at 44%, but considering that Jesus had exactly zero to say about homosexuality, it doesn’t look very good, no matter how the ACL might try to rationalise this discrepancy. On the things […]

If only we could harness irony as clean energy

Which media organisation do you think is being referred to in this passage? I do not agree with direct intervention in the coverage of a story, and would certainly protest and probably resign over such interference myself. I also believe that promoting your journalists as fearless and independent is actually a selling point. Moreover, the […]

Being part of the problem.

Being part of the problem.

An interesting juxtaposition greeted me when I looked at the Sydney Morning Herald online this morning: On one hand we have the Reserve Bank telling us that: … central to the decision was a concern that no matter how good the domestic economic news, Australians are scarcely noticing in an atmosphere muddied by campaigning against […]

Framing the vox pop

An advertisement presently on SourceBottle: Families Wanted Country: Australia Media outlet/Publication: Major metro newspaper Does your source need to be local? Yes Summary: Need a family to talk about carbon tax Details: Do you live in Melbourne? Do you have a combined household income of $90,000? Do you also have two teenagers? We want you! […]

Moving On

We have been talking on and off since the beginning of the year about finishing up at Pure Poison. We feel that we’ve said most of what we set out to say on the subject. And there are potential changes coming in each of our lives that would make continuing on with the blog unrealistic. […]

When Penberthy defends a brutal assault

When Penberthy defends a brutal assault

A quick look at David Penberthy’s by-the-numbers tabloid beatup today on the sentencing of a prison guard to jail time for punching a prisoner in his custody twenty times after that prisoner spat at him through the bars. Here’s the footage (click to watch): Here’s how Penberthy spins it: Court tells prison guards to go […]