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True conservatives

May 28, 2010 19

… believe that in the free market, people should profit based on the value of their innovations and expertise — unless they are dealing with global warming.

Jump to the Left; step to the Right

May 19, 2009 33

Several conservative columnists (e.g., Gerard Henderson, with a copy-and-paste by Andrew Bolt; also, Piers Akerman) have discussed the outcome of the Fremantle by-election, where a Greens candidate looks to have claimed an ALP seat while the Liberal Party watched from the sidelines. They tend to frame it in terms of the ALP suffering and the […]

Janet, John and the compassionate conservatives

February 26, 2009 15

Janet Albrechtsen has taken an e-mail exchange with playwright David Williamson as the basis for her most recent column. Responding to Williamson’s claim that “conservatives lack compassion”, Janet argues that conservative policies do demonstrate compassion but that conservatives do not do a good job of marketing their compassionate credentials. Unfortunately some of the evidence and […]