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We were wrong, and we feel really bad about the extra profits (that we’ll keep, thanks)

March 22, 2009 4

A fine-looking mea culpa from the Sunday Herald-Sun this morning (as in, one day after the Queensland election) in which it both apologises for (a) being conned, and so easily, into publishing something completely wrong; and (b) for “not treating [its] readers with respect”. There’s a sort-of reference to the privacy issue, but there’s little […]

What’s the point of comment moderation if racial vilification is approved?

February 26, 2009 18

Yesterday I wrote a piece for the Crikey email (available to subscribers only) that said… Broadly speaking, bloggers on non-commercial sites (like Tim Blair in his pre-News Ltd. days and me in my non-Crikey hat) can let a lot of comments through that probably fall into the questionable category, while bloggers who work for large […]

Legal reasons suspended

February 20, 2009 14

The Herald Sun today reports on a legal case between a Queensland woman who was injured at a Victorian surf lifesaving competition and the St John’s Ambulance volunteers who she alleges caused her permanent physical injury. Reading the report it’s very difficult to get a sense of who’s right and who’s wrong, and there are […]