Agmates has stated that the proposed Emissions Trading Scheme will do little to fight climate change. In my opinion the scheme is chiefly designed to give the Rudd Government global green kudos and Australian’s a warm and fuzzy green glow.

Dr James Lovelock at Home in his Garden in Devon UK.
Dr James Lovelock

Leading British scientist Dr James Lovelock backs up what I and others have been saying. In an interview with Radio New Zealand he has warned that Emissions Trading Schemes world wide are a waste of time.

He says while an ETS will help the profits of some companies, it will do nothing to stop global warming.

Listen to a podcast of what Lovelock had to say Here.

Lovelock was one of the first scientist to warn the world of the impacts of global warming.

He is also the man who formulated the Gaia hypothesis, was the first man to detect the presence of CFC’s and has predicted that 80% of humans will perish by 2100 AD, and this climate change will last 100,000 years.

The Rudd government should abandon the ETS sham and move to take practical measures that will have a real and lasting impact on the environment. Those steps should be anything that will prepare us as a nation for what lies ahead.

( thanks to reader Jeff)

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