Crikey intern Tig Huggins’ pick of the daily green news:

Scientists prove human fingerprint on Poles – Polar bears in the clear. Warming at both the Earth’s poles has, for the first time, been directly attributed to humans, according to a new study in the journal Nature Geoscience. “[Y]ou see a clear human fingerprint in the observed data,” said researcher Peter Stott. “We really can’t claim anymore that it’s natural variations that are driving these very large changes that we are seeing in the climate system.” — BBC News

Star Bucks to Trade Fair…Coffee still crap. Coffee retailer Starbucks Corp. said Tuesday it will double its purchases of fair trade certified coffee to 40 million pounds in 2009… The move is part of the company’s “Shared Planet” initiative to do business “responsibly,” the company has said, by focusing on areas such as volunteerism and going greener, including using recyclable cups and reducing water usage. — Businessweek

World’s second tallest tree found in Tasmania. “Standing at about the same height as two of Hobart’s Wrest Point Casino towers stacked on top of each other, the 101m giant swamp gum is second only to a giant coast redwood in the Redwood National Park in California that stands at 115m. — News

Nature’s revenge – The Giant Bong.┬áCarbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have reached almost eight times the current level on more than one occasion in Earth’s history, leading some scientists to speculate that limnic eruptions have occurred in our oceans before, and may happen again. — Environmental Graffiti

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