Crikey’s pick of the green news for the day:

Life on the reef. The Daily Telegraph has an amazing gallery of photos from Reef Check Australia’s Reef photography competition, including that one to the left there.

Darryl Hannah makes a splash. Actress Darryl Hannah is joining the crew of Sea Shepherds aboard the Steve Irwin (which I know was a tribute to his conservation work and all, but is just about the worst boat name in the history of the world. ‘Let’s all get on board Steve Irwin!’ ‘I’m on Steve Irwin’s poop deck!” etc) at the end of the month, reports Green Daily.

Ideas for green power. ARS technica report on some interesting ideas for greener power that arose from a Greentech Media conference, including: converting construction waste to hydrogen, Hyperion power, and Bloo Solar.

Glaciers melting faster than expected. Himalayan glaciers are melting at a faster rate than anyone had thought, reports MSNBC. The change puts nearly a billion people in South Asia in danger of losing their water supply.

South Korea sells its Seoul. A land reclamation project in Seoul, South Korea, intended to stimulate the economy, will see 400 square kilometers of coastal tidelands — key feeding areas for threatened birds — turned into factories, golf courses and water treatment plants, writes the International Herald Tribune. “This project is not about protecting the environment,” development official Park Hyoung Bae told the paper. “It is about economic development. And we will do that in an environmentally sound way.”

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