What’s happening on Earth today:

Yellow River partially unusable. A third of the water in China’s Yellow River is too polluted to be used for drinking or agriculture, reports the Guardian, and only 16 per cent is suitable for domestic use. Last year, 4.29bn tonnes of waste and sewage was dumped into the river.

Green electronics guide. Greenpeace have released their November ’08 Guide to Greener Electronics. Gold star stickers go to Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba, while Nintendo, Microsoft and Phillips are headed to the naughty chair.

Oceans grow more acidic. Earth’s oceans are growing acidic ten times faster than previously predicted, reports The Daily Green. This is likely a result of carbon emissions, and could affect many species of marine life.

The Vatican goes green. The Vatican is installing a solar energy system with the intention of running on up to 20 per cent renewable energy by 2020. The Vatican’s roof will house 2400 photovoltaic panels and should cut their CO2 emissions by 225 tonnes a year.

The Internet’s carbon footprint. A report from the University of Melbourne says that the growing carbon footprint needed to operate increasingly high-speed Internet traffic is not environmentally sustainable, writes TG Daily. Dr. Kerry Hinton from the University’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering says Australia will need to invest in energy efficient Internet equipment or face a “major burden” on our power infrastructure and greenhouse gas production by 2020.

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