News from around the planet:

European carbon market plummets. The price of EU carbon emission allowances has dropped with the falling price of oil, Nature News reports, with allowances to emit one extra tonne of CO2 selling at €11.65 (AUD$22.90) on carbon trading exchanges.

Reef fish numbers sink. A growing taste for live reef fish in Southeast Asia has sent their numbers sinking, with a report finding that numbers of reef fish in the “Coral Triangle“, has declined by 79% over the last five to 20 years.

Antarctica heats up. A study has found that Antarctica has gotten warmer overall since the 1950s, even though certain parts of the continent have cooled due to the ozone hole. Says scientist Eric Steig:

“The thing you hear all the time is that Antarctica is cooling and that’s not the case. If anything it’s the reverse, but it’s more complex than that. Antarctica isn’t warming at the same rate everywhere, and while some areas have been cooling for a long time the evidence shows the continent as a whole is getting warmer.”

Bamboo bicycles. If you feel like replacing your car with a bike doesn’t lower your carbon footprint enough, check out these bikes made from bamboo. The makers are also working in the developing world to help local entrepreneurs to make and sell their own.

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