Climate change ads banned in Ireland. The Northern Irish Minister for the Environment has banned an advertising campaign urging people to tackle climate change. Why, you might very reasonably ask? The answer: he doesn’t believe humans are the main cause of global warming, and says the link between carbon emissions and rising temperatures is an issue of political debate.

The Independent reports:

Sammy Wilson said the ads suggested that turning off a television rather than putting it on standby could help save the planet, a notion he described as “patent nonsense”.

The issue is a touchy one as it has implications for debates about both climate change and freedom of speech. The Green Party has demanded his resignation over the issue, but Wilson says he has a right to hold his own opinions.

The seas were once over 20 metres higher. A team of scientists says they’ve found “unequivocal evidence” confirming how much the seas have risen and fallen. Ten years ago a study published by the same group of geologists and zoologists, which claimed the seas were 70 feet higher 400,000 years ago, was met with scepticism. Treehugger has the details.

Native animals and plants suffer in fires. The Victorian bushfires have taken their toll on native flora and fauna, and recovery could take the rest of the century. The Sydney Morning Herald says koala and glider numbers were slashed, and regrowth in areas of old eucalypt bushland will be slow.

Get ready for Darwin Day. Tomorrow is the 200th birthday of biologist Charles Darwin and, despite the fact he’s been dead for 127 years, groups around the world are planning a big birthday bash. USA Today says 281 events in 31 countries have already been listed at the official celebration website,

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