Crikey intern Olly Perkins writes:

Earth hour. It’s that time of year again, is everyone ready to feel awesome about themselves? Balance it all out? Crikey is. But are there some  selling the self satisfied glow a little too cheaply…

60 of your earth seconds. To symbolise their commitment to helping the environment, Nickelodeon has asked kids to unplug their games and gadgets for a minute on Earth Day. According to Variety, the request doesn’t extend to T.V.

Take that, Earth! Andrew Bolt of the Herald Sun called it hypocrisy.  “Just symbolic hypocrisy,” but worse he says
“is the hypocrisy that even Earth Hour’s sponsors have given up hiding.”

Bolt claims sponsors are expending more resources to promote the event than will be saved observing it.

Adding to the indignation, one Facebook group that is calling on people to “keep every light you own running during Earth Hour,” reports the Courier Mail.

“The Earth Hour makes people feel like they’ve done their share and makes them sleep better… that’s nice for them but it doesn’t really help the earth,” says group member Alexander Woodhouse.

Yeah what’s your point? Stop messin’ with our buzz.

But to be fair, behind all the slick advertising, all the extra resources used to promote the use of fewer resources Earth Hour does go a long way to rising awareness and their are those that take it seriously. To this end, Coke has announce that it be switching off some of the most famous advertising in the world, reports the Atlanta Business Journal:

Famous Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) signs will go dark in Times Square and on top of The Mirage hotel on the Las Vegas strip in the United States, Piccadilly Circus in London, and Kings Cross in Sydney. Other well-known illuminated signs and billboards will go off from Mexico to Cairo to Shanghai.

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