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Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

Labor's pledge to ban "dirty" power stations: fact or fiction?

By Matthew Knott Amid all the hoo-hah about Julia Gillard’s proposed citizens assembly on climate change and the cash for clunkers scheme, her idea of implementing “tough new emissions standards” for coal fired power stations has received little scrutiny. When Labor announced its climate change election policies last month, most media outlets breathlessly reported Gillard’s promise of […]

Copenhagen summit ends with a watered-down political accord.

By Matthew Knott in Copenhagen After two weeks of around the clock negotiations and the participation of over a hundred of world leaders, the Copenhagen climate change summit has ended in failure, producing a flimsy political agreement far weaker than even the most pessimistic observers expected at the start of the talks. The agreement – hastily […]

Live-blogging as PM Kevin Rudd speaks in Copenhagen

Tune in from 8pm AEST to follow the PM’s speech as it happens. PM Kevin Rudd’s speech to the Copenhagen climate change summit

The word that dare not speak its name at Copenhagen: science

By Matthew Knott in Copenhagen The Copenhagen climate change summit has been an attention seeker’s nirvana: protester stunts, global warming sceptics and grandstanding politicians have provided colourful copy for journalists locked out of most of the negotiation sessions. But lost in all the talk of arrests and walkouts and stolen emails have been the voices of those […]

Live blogging on speeches by Penny Wong and Hugo Chavez at COP15

Penny Wong’s speech at high-level segment at Copenhagen

Al Gore gets his mojo back...but is it too late to save Copenhagen from failure?

By Matthew Knott in Copenhagen In an impassioned attempt to save the UNFCC process from bogging down indefinitely, Al Gore today demanded world leaders commit to signing a legally-binding treaty by July next year, not the end of 2010 as has been flagged previously. And in a move destined to ignite debate in the US, Gore also […]

Interview with the thinking man's climate sceptic at the Copenhagen climate summit

By Matthew Knott in Copenhagen. Reviled by greenies, beloved by the Wall Street Journal (which has given him an op-ed spot for the last six weeks): when Crikey spotted Bjørn Lomborg at the COP15 media centre cafe there was no chance this cantankerous Danish statistician would be let off without a grilling. Previously named by Time as one […]

Copenhagen's climate cages filling up with activists arrested for "pre-emptive" reasons

By Matthew Knott in Copenhagen. Violence is expected to escalate on the streets of Copenhagen over coming days as climate activists, angered by the “pre-emptive” arrest of almost 1,200 protesters over the weekend, consider more radical forms of protest. Crikey today witnessed an entire 230-person strong climate change demonstration placed under arrest, although there was […]

Climate Change skeptics stage rebel Copenhagen conference

Matthew Knott, in Copenhagen, writes: As if the COP15 participants weren’t doing a good enough job already, the climate change sceptics have been out in force at Copenhagen working hard to undermine the climate change summit during its opening days. Whilst the COP15 is taking place in the drab Bella Centre, as big and as […]