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Ruth Brown

The Climate Desk: rival news outlets join forces to save the planet

In an interesting development for both the climate change debate and the future of investigative journalism, Mother Jones, The Atlantic, Center for Investigative Reporting, Grist, Slate, Wired, and PBS’ public affairs show Need To Know have joined forces to create a new project called The Climate Desk: … a journalistic collaboration dedicated to exploring the […]

The top three climate pitfalls for the Opposition to avoid

Renewable energy consultant Dan Cass writes: I have watched the major political parties filibuster their way through climate policy ever since the UNFCCC was formed, in 1991. All though his rein, Prime Minister John Howard got away with green-bashing, greenwash and inaction, but the times have changed. If the Liberal-National Coalition wants to be relevant, […]

The hacked emails causing climate sceptic chaos

Last week, hundreds of private emails and documents from climate scientists were nicked from computer servers at the Climatic Research Unit of the UK’s University of East Anglia and unleashed into the wilds of the intertubes. The internet went insane (OK, more insane) as the leaked emails spread like a bad case of the clap […]

Can sexing up science help save the world?

The ABC has a great analysis on the Timor Sea oil spill and how the mainstream media only started paying attention once the leaking rig burst into flames. Endangered marine life? Pah. Big explosions?! Now you’re talking! It’s an unfortunate reality: science doesn’t sell; sex (and other big bangs) does. But what’s the lesson in […]

This is your planet, 4C later

How will the predicted 4C rise in global temperature by 2050 affect the planet? The UK’s Met Office has produced this interactive map showing just how dramatically Earth could change in our lifetime if urgent action isn’t taken to curb this grim forecast.

A new film clip from a Melbourne-based hip-hop artist celebrates the joy of two-wheelers.

Keep Pedalling

A new film clip from a Melbourne-based hip-hop artist celebrates the joy of two-wheelers.

Three Mile Island, 30 years on

Green news for the day: Happy Birthday, nuclear disaster! It’s 30 years since the nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island melted down. TIME looks at how it changed the US energy industry, and asks: if the disaster hadn’t happened, and the nuclear industry had continued to grow unabated, would the country’s greenhouse emissions be significantly […]

Can Disney really go green?

News from around the planet today: Disney goes green? The happiest company on Earth is planning to cut their greenhouse gas emissions in half over the next four years, but the Guardian‘s Fred Pearce calls BS, asking: just how green can they be if they still rely on people travelling around the world to visit […]

Sea level story a washout?

Sea level story a red herring? Yesterday, we noted that the first big story — or at least the one picked up by all the international press — coming out of this week’s climate conference in Copenhagen was claims that sea levels may rise by more than twice the previously expected levels. But Island of […]

Coverage from Copenhagen

Coverage from the Copenhagen Climate Congress (try saying that five times fast): In The Guardian, Oliver Tickell describes the conference as “chaos” and wonders how those present can expect to save the world when they can’t even run a press conference. TreeHugger reports on a talk by the University of Copenhagen’s Katherine Richardson, who proposed […]