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Tim Hollo

Tim Hollo is an adviser to Australian Greens’ Deputy Leader Christine Milne.

Is an ETS automatically more ambitious than a tax?

I confess to being a little taken aback by the swing back towards campaigning for immediate adoption of a cap-and-trade emissions scheme that appears to be gaining ground in sections of the environment movement. This, in my opinion, is a misguided strategy that risks stifling progress at a critical moment instead of opening the space […]

The best opportunity for renewables we may ever get

Now that we finally know who is going to govern our country; now that we know who is backing whom and why; now that we’ve breathed a collective sign of relief; now – right now – it’s time to mobilise! It’s time to mobilise around what I’ve been muttering to anyone who’ll listen over the […]

My 2c on population - Australia is not an island

Population policy is one of those deeply vexed issues that often seems to bring out the worst in political discussions. Too often it is used as a cypher for racist politics. Too often, those who are honestly trying to grapple with the issue sensibly are labelled racist by association. I wish I knew which of […]

When something is clearly not better than nothing

Probably the most frustrating argument I have heard in support of the CPRS is this notion that, even though it is acknowledged as appalling policy, “something is better than nothing”. I’m sorry, that might sound nice, but it’s a logical fallacy. Of course there are cases where it may be better to do something that […]

The smoking gun - Labor always planned to shut the Greens out of the ETS

The ALP has, predictably, started a major campaign against the Greens, trying to blame the party for the collapse of its appalling emissions trading scheme. Lindsay Tanner, whose seat is vulnerable to the Greens’ Adam Bandt, has hit the airwaves across the country and used his regular spot on Fairfax online to attack the Greens. […]

Pity the coal lobbyists are more powerful than the tobacco lobbyists

Prime Minister Rudd today took leadership. He grabbed an issue by the horns, took on powerful and hugely cashed-up lobby groups and a non-cooperative opposition, and announced a policy which, though popular with some, will seriously piss off a not insignificant number of Labor voters. In announcing the plain packaging and price hike for cigarettes, […]

If you still thought the CPRS was a good step, read this

The CPRS got a major slap-down today by a think tank closely aligned with the Rudd government. The Grattan Institute’s board includes Terry Moran, recruited by Rudd to be head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and Rudd’s friend Glyn Davis among others. But that didn’t stop it delivering a stinging report that […]

Farewell, Malcolm

Malcolm Turnbull will be sorely missed by the Liberal Party. I fear that, without him, the Liberals will be stuck for longer than they otherwise might have been in the far right and anti-environmental groove John Howard created for them. But while remembering and mourning Malcolm and eulogising his commitment to climate action, let’s remember […]

Bugger the sceptics - let's start campaigning positively again!

OK, so, we all know the sceptics (deniers? ostriches? anti-science ideologues?) are louder and more obnoxious than they have been for years. It is depressing, it’s tiring and it’s frustrating. But does it really matter? The sceptics are still a small, if very vocal, minority. We do need to expose them vocally, swiftly and effectively, […]

I'd rather be in the Greens' reality than Mungo's

The Greens’ climate policies, from our proposed CPRS amendments to our Safe Climate Bill, have been widely lauded as being the most economically sensible and scientifically literate of all the parties’. But Mungo MacCallum wouldn’t let that reality get in the way of a good pro-ALP story. Perhaps the most egregious error in Monday’s diatribe […]