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Farmers will attack the govt but not their supermarket giant customers

Farmers will attack the govt but not their supermarket giant customers

Farmers appear to have no qualms about attacking the government, but the raised fist turns into a cat's paw when the time comes to criticise their largest customers, the retail giants.

Is a misleading climate change op-ed in <em>The Wall Street Journal</em> really news?

Is a misleading climate change op-ed in The Wall Street Journal really news?

Graham Readfearn writes: What’s news these days when it comes to climate change? Could it be the news that rising temperatures could severely affect the world’s wheat crops maybe? Or how about how human emissions of carbon dioxide have “raised ocean acidity far beyond the range of natural variations“? Nah. Well, at least not if you’re The Australian, which just loves to send […]

Murray Murmurings: Why the Wentworth Group wants the Murray-Darling plan rejected

The Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists released its 25-page criticism of the Murray-Darling Basin draft plan earlier this month. And while many news outlets reported that that the scientists were scathing of the plan, few explained exactly why. We thought we'd let the Wentworth Group explain it for themselves..

A fighting fund for climate scientists battling FOI requests

An official fighting fund for climate scientists battling freedom of information requests from well-funded climate denier think tanks has been established in the United States.

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Murray Murmurings: irrigators should embrace protecting the Murray-Darling’s water

After 20 years of water reform and 12 months of good rainfall, irrigators have never been better placed to deal with the adjustments necessary to restore the Murray-Darling to health.

An Aussie clean technology news site launches

Renew Economy, a new online publication created by former Climate Spectator editor Giles Parkinson, launched yesterday.

Why you should worry about Australia’s groundwater

The use of groundwater is “a major determiner in Australia's future when it comes to water”, according to Professor Craig Simmons, director of the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training.

Murray Murmurings: a proper water management plan is needed

John Hunwick, environmental educator and activist, writes: I have no special expertise on the condition of the Murray-Darling Basin. My lifelong interest has been in understanding ecology and how that understanding becomes part of the community’s understanding of how our environment works. Inevitably, living in South Australia I have been made aware of every “advance” made […]

Murray Murmurings: no jobs on a dead river

When the Murray Darling Basin Authority held a meeting in Griffith last Thursday, irrigators tried to replicate their stunt of burning copies of the plan in the street. Luckily, the good folk at the MDBA had planned for this contingency and waxed the report to a high ****** -- neatly rendering the pages flame retardant. This serves as a good metaphor for the response of irrigators to the plan more broadly; a great deal of sound and fury, but ultimately self-defeating.

Murray Murmurings: emotive people aren’t the lunatic fringe, they’re the residents

This speech was delivered last week by Finley High School principal Bernie Roebuck at the Murray Darling Basin Plan consultations in Deniliquin. It received a standing ovation from the 3000 people present — including federal water minister Tony Burke and Murray Darling Basin Authority head Craig Knowles. Burke later commented: “Everything at these meetings obviously […]