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carbon price

carbon price


Cutting policies, and carbon emissions, in the newest blue states

Amber JamiesonMar 28, 20128 Comments

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu yesterday announced it was scrapping the former Brumby government's climate change target of reducing carbon emissions by 20% by 2020. And he's not the on

News Limited papers 'campaigned' against carbon tax

Amber JamiesonDec 2, 201112 Comments

A new report found that coverage of the carbon price legislation was overwhelming negative, with only 15% of the articles in Australian newspapers viewing the policy in a positive light.

Tales from Durban: Australia's climate role and the Conference of Youth

CrikeyDec 1, 2011

Here's two different writers and activists over at the UN climate talks in Durban offering their take on what's happening, from Australia's role at the climate talks to the Conference of Youth where hundreds of young people talk about how to fight climate change and push governments into action ...

The carbon price scheme for dummies

CrikeyNov 10, 2011

Considering the largest environmental policy Australia has ever seen was passed into law by government this week, it seems appropriate to write something on Rooted about it. There's

Australia's carbon tax battle: where it fits into the global war

CrikeyOct 6, 201156 Comments

Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus write: As two Americans watching from the sidelines as Australia tears itself apart over a carbon tax, it is impossible

Green groups fight everything but criticism against them

CrikeySep 7, 201130 Comments

Throughout 2011, Australia’s best-funded environment organisations have been united in support of the Labor government’s push to establish a carbon price. Not everyone, it seems, thinks this is a good thing.

$10 million to drive fear and greed on carbon price

CrikeyJul 25, 20118 Comments

This weekend multi-billion dollar vested interest groups launched their $10 million “no campaign” against a price on pollution.

An Orwellian climate: carbon price and the atmosphere

CrikeyJul 15, 201144 Comments

Andrew Glikson, earth and palaeoclimate scientist at the Australian National University, writes: Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, chief climate science advisor of

Why a price on pollution is worth it

CrikeyJul 11, 201115 Comments

For a look at how the commentariat are judging Gillard's carbon price, check out the commentary wrap

Say Yes... to better climate policy?

CrikeyMay 30, 20112 Comments

At the weekend, a coalition of environment groups and unions launched a television advertisement featuring the award-winning actress Cate Blanchett that urges the public to support the government’s carbon price policy.