May, 2012

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Heartland unleashes the Unabomber in its newest advertising campaign

, May 07, 2012

Graham Readfearn writes: In a promotional video for the upcoming Heartland Institute’s climate change sceptics’ conference in Chicago, the think-tank’s president Joseph Bast said the scientists coming together for the shindig “deserve a lot of attention”. So how would Joe Bast help them to gain that richly deserved attention? How about sticking a picture of murderer […]

Hate campaign against climate scientists hits the denier spin-cycle

, May 04, 2012

The line currently being spun by climate change sceptic commentators and bloggers is that climate change scientists have lied about getting death threats. At the same time a campaign of systematic abuse of climate scientists in an attempt to get them to withdraw from public debate is being ignored.

How to get poverty-stricken communities to adapt to climate change

, Apr 19, 2012

Because the truth is, although the impact of climate change will be felt by all, the extremes will hit some harder than others. The irony is that the people and communities least responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions will bear the brunt of the impacts. While this is in part due to geography, the overwhelming reason is poverty.
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Global warming projections from 1981 prove tellingly accurate

, Apr 12, 2012

A seminal article by climate scientists back in 1981 has proved eerily accurate at predicting global temperature rises over the last three decades, with its lead author James Hansen telling Crikey that his early research on global warming "seems to hold up remarkably well".

Conservatives and climate change: it’s complicated

, Apr 10, 2012

New research provides some intriguing insights into why, and what sort of, conservatives oppose climate change and distrust scientists, writes Noel Turnbull.
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Hotter, more erratic weather and higher sea levels: CSIRO

, Mar 14, 2012

Australia's getting hotter -- particularly at night, rainfall is erratic and our sea levels are increasing at two to three times the global average. That's the latest bunch of climate change facts to emerge from the State of the Climate 2012 report, which observes Australia's climate and analyses the factors that influence it.

Death isn’t an option: climate change activists aren’t waiting for deniers to die

, Feb 14, 2012

Crikey intern Freya Cole writes: Rather than trying to convince climate sceptics with science, should we just wait for them to die off? That’s the argument raised in a recent Grist article, where writer David Roberts argues that “cohort replacement” — that, is people dying and being replaced by a new, more educated generation — may be the best move to […]

Welcome to the first official Rooted Reading List

, Feb 10, 2012

There's lot of great environment reading that I do during the week that I don't get a chance to write about, so I've decided a weekly Rooted Reading List is a good way of sharing these articles.
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Is a misleading climate change op-ed in The Wall Street Journal really news?

, Jan 31, 2012

Graham Readfearn writes: What’s news these days when it comes to climate change? Could it be the news that rising temperatures could severely affect the world’s wheat crops maybe? Or how about how human emissions of carbon dioxide have “raised ocean acidity far beyond the range of natural variations“? Nah. Well, at least not if you’re The Australian, which just loves to send […]

A fighting fund for climate scientists battling FOI requests

, Jan 30, 2012

An official fighting fund for climate scientists battling freedom of information requests from well-funded climate denier think tanks has been established in the United States.