Nov 29, 2010

The Ashes Open Thread: Brisbane Day 5

Here's a list of things more useful than Mitchell Johnson...

Leigh Josey

Crikey production manager

Yesterday, sadly, England fought back. In fact, fighting back isn't very English at all. Starting a fight, yes. But doing what England did yesterday? I'm just not used to it. I don't think the Australian cricketing public are either. So here's where things are in a nutshell:
  • England started the day yesterday 0/19 -- 202 runs behind
  • England ended the day yesterday 1/309 -- 88 runs ahead
  • Alistair Cook is 132 not out, Andrew Strauss made 110
  • Australia have been made fools of
So who's to blame? Apparently Mitchell Johnson. He has copped a hiding in the Australian press today. spork2 Here's a list of things more useful than Mitchell Johnson: So what will happen today? Put it this way -- currently at the TAB, the draw is $1.04 favourite. What England will hope for: A declaration perhaps with 40 or 50 overs and 300 odd runs to chase. There's probably not enough time for this to happen unless the English go Twenty20 style from the first ball -- rubbing salt into Australia's already open wounds. To then get four or five wickets as Australia try to defend a loss will be the ultimate in psychological chess ahead of the Second Test in Adelaide. What Australia will hope for: A swag of early wickets allowing Australia the time to chase down England's lead and win the Test. To do this Australian bowlers need to fire, particularly Mitchell Johnson. The spork says no. The best writing around the place: The Crikey Sports Ashes archive:

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31 thoughts on “The Ashes Open Thread: Brisbane Day 5

  1. oldskool

    All over with a whimper- I do agree the pitch may have played a much larger role in the match than it was originally credited with…

  2. Paul Ferraro

    Result summary:
    England – 11/777 (229 overs)
    Australia – 11/588 (185 overs)

    Still plenty of excitement left in the series – just don’t hope for consistent and effective bowling from either team.

    NB – feel free to double check the maths!).

  3. The Pav

    I guess the problem is that Australia only took 11 wickets in the match.

    Good to see the Poms don’t have that problem. They’ve taken up to now ( 20 minutes or so after tea) let’s see………….11 wickets Oh!

  4. Tom Cowie

    1/30 now. Australia only need 8.61 an over.

    Very do-able.

  5. Leigh Josey

    Oh dear…

  6. Paul Ferraro

    1/11? Good grief.

  7. Leigh Josey

    Only ABC Radio — with Agnew and company could be that eloquent. Can you imagine Taylor, Healy et al discussing the music of Strauss!

  8. Mark Duffett

    I think was ABC Radio that had a good one yesterday; almost certainly not the first time it’s been used but I hadn’t heard it before: ‘Strauss waltzes to century’

  9. Moose

    I think the Warnie show will get more attention this week than the Aussie’s efforts in their last innings… Bring back the great man!

  10. Paul Ferraro

    …BUT lets the other one slide.

  11. Paul Ferraro

    I’m impressed that Richie is sufficiently culturally aware that he self-censors the f-bomb lets the other one slide.

  12. Leigh Josey

    This is fun:
    Richie goes nuts

  13. Paul Ferraro

    Ha – terrific! They’re going straight to the pool room.

    Should probably be doing work, but…

    “Johnson’s triple zero emergency”
    – 1st Innings: 0/66, 0 (19)
    – 2nd Innings: 0/104

  14. Leigh Josey

    And here you go sir…

  15. Paul Ferraro

    BTW: apparently the correcet name for a spork is a ‘sporf’.

  16. Paul Ferraro

    Almost perfect, Leigh!
    One minor quibble: not sure that final yellow point paints an accurate ‘word-picture’. Perhaps insert “still” in there somewhere?

    Another one: how about “England’s welcome case of the Trotts”?

  17. Leigh Josey

    Something like this Paul?


  18. Leigh Josey

    Bravo Paul

  19. Jane Doe

    I can’t even bring myself to do regular score checks online :S

    Aussies in disarray after such a promising start on Day 1 . . . Hopefully they pull their collective fingers out before Boxing Day.

  20. Paul Ferraro

    Heads up, folks.

    Tomorrow’s header for the Hun’s back page lead – “Cook-blocked”.

    If it isn’t, the subbies should be executed.

  21. Tom Cowie

    This is a dark day in Australian cricket history. England 1/439. Cook a well-made double hundred. It’s not just Ponting’s tactics that are at fault here, the wicket isn’t offering too much assistance. If they’re still one-fa after one and a half days then it must be pretty benign.

  22. Leigh Josey

    Trott scores his century. Only the second time in England’s history that the first three batsmen have scored a hundred.

    Can Australia be humiliated any further?

  23. Leigh Josey

    Alistair Cook bring up his double century with a flick behind square. Ironically, Johnson fumbles.

    This is torture.

  24. Leigh Josey

    1/428 is the equal record for highest score for one wicket down in England’s history….

  25. Sam Gray

    1/402 That is quite a sad sight.

  26. Leigh Josey

    200 run partnership now between Cook and Trott. My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!

  27. Leigh Josey

    Out: Johnson
    In: Inanimate carbon rod

  28. Sam Gray

    On deadline?! This is The Ashes! Pfft. :p

    Shall we start discussing Adelaide already? Who should come in and go out of the squad? Johnson?

    Newsflash. It seems the now famous @theashes twitter girl has a twitter mother. @Luvshorses68 is attacking tweeters and having a argument with her daughter.

  29. Leigh Josey

    Sorry Sam — on deadline! Yeah — Pup… WTF. Unfortunately the Crikey TV is on Vic election wash up — so no cricket vision here. Listening to radio.

    Michael Clarke … Mitch Johnson … hang your heads in shame

  30. Sam Gray

    Is anyone bothering to blog? Pup just dropped a sitter. Feeling deflated. Quick cheer me up!

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