One wonders how a former AFL coach–  and paid expert — can get something so horribly wrong as the Nine Network’s Grant Thomas did on the Footy Classified AFL program last night.

Now, being a Fremantle fan, which I am, you’re use to derision. Hell, commentators have been getting Fremantle players’ names wrong since 1995. Gerard Healy (whom I admire) repeatedly called Rhys Palmer “Rhys Stanley” not two weeks ago during a match. In the halcyon days of the mid to late 1990s commentators thought every aboriginal player on Fremantle’s list was Scott Chisholm. It happens. We’re used to it.

But last night was a first in all my football watching. When has an AFL expert ever confused a player for a president?

Thomas (whom my admiration is on the other ledger to that of Healey’s) not only managed to call Dockers half-back Garrick Ibbotson “Garry Ibbotson” — he titled him as Fremantle’s President! For the record, Freo’s President is Steve Harris which in no known universe sounds like Garrick Ibbotson.


First, Nine got News Limited mistaken for News International, now this! When will the madness stop!

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