Bubble trouble and CSG risk assessment in the Surat Basin

Bubble trouble and CSG risk assessment in the Surat Basin

Brian BahnischJun 4, 2012 1

On 28 May Dayne Pratsky filmed this dramatic footage of gas bubbles which have appeared in four places over a fi

COAG, Clean energy and ‘Green Tape’

Apr 13, 2012 1

The COAG meeting today, notable for its coincidence with an increased scepticism about the clean energy industry among the conservative premiers of New South Wales, Queensland and Victo

Victorian ALP calls for CSG moratorium

Apr 12, 2012

Adam Morton of The Age reports that the Victorian Labor Opposition has called for a m

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Response to the Petron fugitive emissions study in Nature

Mar 23, 2012

One of the key reasons for concern about fugitive emissions from coal seam gas is a just-published empirical study by a team of research led by Gabrielle Petron. That study directly me

Shale gas: the new horizon

Brian BahnischMar 22, 2012 2

There has been little discussion about a shale gas industry in Australia, but it seems that may soon change. With breakfast this morning came the story that could be soon dwarfed by a

“Coal seam gas expert scientific committee”

Mar 22, 2012

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke introduced legislation establishing an independent expert committee

George Wilkenfeld on CSG fugitive emissions – “could be worse than burning coal”

Mar 21, 2012

As noted in my earlier article, the federal government's p

Moderate voices in the Coal Seam Gas debate: Video interviews

Dr Mark BahnischMar 20, 2012

As Kim Jameson reported, The Greens have ra

Coal Seam Gas in the news today

Mar 20, 2012

A quick roundup of developments not yet reported: * The CFMEU is

Queensland Greens push CSG as campaign enters final stretch

Mar 20, 2012

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