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Bubble trouble and CSG risk assessment in the Surat Basin

Bubble trouble and CSG risk assessment in the Surat Basin

On 28 May Dayne Pratsky filmed this dramatic footage of gas bubbles which have appeared in four places over a five-kilometre stretch in the Condamine River near Chinchilla. As this Channel Ten item shows (both courtesy of gasileaks) Origin Energy were quick off the mark with calming words. There were longer reports in the Courier […]

COAG, Clean energy and ‘Green Tape’

The COAG meeting today, notable for its coincidence with an increased scepticism about the clean energy industry among the conservative premiers of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, coincides with Campbell Newman’s battering ram impersonation. “Get out of the way”, Campbell Newman proclaims to the Prime Minister. It’s something of a case study in how […]

Victorian ALP calls for CSG moratorium

Adam Morton of The Age reports that the Victorian Labor Opposition has called for a moratorium on new licenses for CSG exploration in that state, while safety concerns about fracking are investigated by a parliamentary inquiry. At this stage, Friends of the Earth’s Melbourne branch doesn’t list any active CSG exploration in Victoria. However, there […]

Response to the Petron fugitive emissions study in Nature

One of the key reasons for concern about fugitive emissions from coal seam gas is a just-published empirical study by a team of research led by Gabrielle Petron. That study directly measured methane levels in Colorado’s gas fields, and came to the conclusion that fugitive emissions were much higher than previously though. Kathleen M. Sgamma […]

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Shale gas: the new horizon

There has been little discussion about a shale gas industry in Australia, but it seems that may soon change. With breakfast this morning came the story that could be soon dwarfed by a shale gas industry that could be six times larger. Shale gas is found in more remote basins: in northwest Western Australia, the […]

“Coal seam gas expert scientific committee”

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke introduced legislation establishing an independent expert committee to examine and publicly report on the science of CSG and water. The committee was part of a deal struck by Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott to secure support for the mining tax. More science, and more public science, is desperately needed here. […]

George Wilkenfeld on CSG fugitive emissions – “could be worse than burning coal”

As noted in my earlier article, the federal government’s position on the way CSG fugitive emissions are currently assessed is supported by the “indpendent analysis” of the “Wilkenfeld report”. The Wilkenfeld report is an “…independent analysis” commissioned by the government and conducted by George Wilkenfeld and associates, an environmental consulting firm. I’m very interested to […]

Moderate voices in the Coal Seam Gas debate: Video interviews

As Kim Jameson reported, The Greens have ramped up the pressure on their key issue of Coal Seam Gas today, as the election enters its closing days. Similarly, Lock The Gate Alliance made an intervention around mining tenements under Brisbane’s Western Suburbs, which we’ve assessed in a post. Polls have consistently shown that Coal Seam […]

Coal Seam Gas in the news today

A quick roundup of developments not yet reported: * The CFMEU is concerned about the lack of social infrastructure accompanying fast-paced mining development; * ABC radio reports that Coal Seam Gas is shaping up as a key issue for farmers; * University of Queensland economist scores the parties’ policies for their environmental impact at The […]

Queensland Greens push CSG as campaign enters final stretch

[youtube][/youtube] As Dr Mark Bahnisch predicted at the start of the campaign, the Queensland Greens are heavily emphasising the Coal Seam Gas issue as the state election campaign enters its final stretch. The Greens are currently sitting on 9% in the latest Newspoll, which is slightly higher than the 8.39% they polled in the 2009 […]