As I observed recently, the Liberal National Party’s policy on ‘statutory strategic regional land use’ planning seems to have borrowed a leaf from Barry O’Farrell’s book in New South Wales. There is definite similarity between this approach – implying a mix of land use – and the Queensland Government’s strategic cropping land policy, enshrined in legislation which became operative in January.

[Behind the Seams will soon be publishing an analytical research article by Dr Peter Dart of The University of Queensland’s School of Agriculture and Food Sciences on SCL.]

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday, Paddy Manning observed of the draft New South Wales policy:

Another block was removed from the path of Australia’s coal seam gas boom a fortnight ago, as the NSW government stepped away from pre-election commitments to protect prime agricultural land from mining with no-go areas.

The entire article repays re-reading. But it does raise the question of whether the pressure for a return on investment Manning points to will lead to a similar retreat from the rhetorical picture of co-existence in Queensland, particularly as an LNP government increasingly looks like a near certainty.

Kim Jameson
FAQ Research

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