The Courier-Mail reported on Friday that the World Wildlife Fund had released a scorecard rating the various parties contending for power or influence in the Queensland election on their policies to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

There has been controversy over the potential impacts of dredging and the expansion of port facilities across the state, driven by the rapid expansion of the Coal Seam Gas and mining industries.

The paper reports:

Unsurprisingly, the Greens aced the class, scoring top marks in all categories.

Labor scored highly in every category except on coastal development safeguards, where it got part marks.

The LNP scored strongly on ending poor fishing practices and saving turtles.

But it fell behind Labor in cutting reef pollution, and maintaining existing reef protections and agency budgets.

Overall, Labor got the top rating in five of the six categories. The LNP scored the top rating in two of the six.

Katter’s Australian Party was the class dunce, scoring middle to low marks in all categories.

The full scorecard is at the WWF website.

Kim Jameson
FAQ Research.

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