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Bubble trouble and CSG risk assessment in the Surat Basin

On 28 May Dayne Pratsky filmed this dramatic footage of gas bubbles which have appeared in four places over a five-kilometre stretch in the Condamine River near Chinchilla. As this Channel Ten item shows (both courtesy of gasileaks) Origin Energy were quick off the mark with calming words. There were longer reports in the Courier […]

Shale gas: the new horizon

There has been little discussion about a shale gas industry in Australia, but it seems that may soon change. With breakfast this morning came the story that could be soon dwarfed by a shale gas industry that could be six times larger. Shale gas is found in more remote basins: in northwest Western Australia, the […]

CSG and agriculture/land use

My brief in writing CSG and the land: straight from the farmers’ mouths was to look at the impact of CSG mining on agriculture/land use on the land surface, leaving the vexed issue of underground aquifers to a separate article. The underlying question was whether CSG activity detracts from agricultural productivity. Clearly it does, and […]

How much water is produced with CSG?

Robert Merkel’s overview paper tells us: Coal seam gas is extracted by drilling wells into an underground “seam” of coal, then pumping some of the water out, allowing the natural gas present in the seam to escape and be collected. This process is called “dewatering” of the coal seam. The amount of water produced can […]