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Assessing claims about CSG tenements in Brisbane’s western suburbs

In the last week of the campaign, Coal Seam Gas has at last fired as an election issue. At an ill-tempered forum in Ashgrove on Sunday, a large number of questions were put to Campbell Newman by Brisbane voters on Coal Seam Gas. Today, the Courier-Mail is running with a story highlighting claims by Lock […]

Coal Seam Gas and fugitive emissions

A disused CSG well on a property near Dalby. Coal Seam Gas and fugitive emissions At the point of combustion, natural gas is the least dirty fossil fuel of all; not only does it produce more heat per kilogram of CO2 produced than any other fossil fuel, power stations burning gas use that heat more […]

World Wildlife Fund scores party policies in Queensland poll

The Courier-Mail reported on Friday that the World Wildlife Fund had released a scorecard rating the various parties contending for power or influence in the Queensland election on their policies to protect the Great Barrier Reef. There has been controversy over the potential impacts of dredging and the expansion of port facilities across the state, driven by […]

Strategic cropping land or strategic regional land use? Any difference?

Strategic cropping land or strategic regional land use? Any difference?

As I observed recently, the Liberal National Party’s policy on ‘statutory strategic regional land use’ planning seems to have borrowed a leaf from Barry O’Farrell’s book in New South Wales. There is definite similarity between this approach – implying a mix of land use – and the Queensland Government’s strategic cropping land policy, enshrined in […]

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FAQ Research interview with Oscar, Tara Estate

[youtube][/youtube] FAQ Research interviewed Oscar on a property adjoining his at the Tara Estate. The “Blocks” outside Tara are 12 hectare residential properties, many mostly uncleared bush. Most “Blockies” have chosen to live on the Estate for lifestyle reasons, but their retreat is now under pressure from Coal Seam Gas extraction, and their outlook grim. […]

ABC Rural interview with Dr Mark Bahnisch on CSG and the Queensland election

Cecil Plains farmer Ruth Armstrong (pictured) also features on the radio segment. I was interviewed by ABC Rural reporter Amy McCosker on Wednesday for a story on ABC Rural radio’s Queensland Country Hour which was broadcast yesterday. At the end of the story, I comment on some of the salient aspects of the various parties’ policy positions […]

FAQ Research interview with Megan Baker

[youtube][/youtube] On our field trip to the Western Downs, FAQ Research interviewed farmer Megan Baker on her family property outside Dalby. In this interview, Megan tells the story about the breakdown of the relationship between her family and Arrow Energy. Megan also shows us a Coal Seam Gas well on her property, and explains the […]

The politics of restructuring or blinded by the coal dust?

Coal Seam Gas well on the Baker property near Dalby. In writing about the controversy over a number of Green peak bodies’ intention to test the limits of development approval for mining and coal seam gas projects, I suggested that what we were seeing was the politics of the future. The first act in that […]

New Behind the Seams research articles

Unfortunately, Crikey experienced severe IT problems over the last few days, impeding access to website content. However, FAQ Research has been publishing further research articles at the blog where a number of our authors are writers, Larvatus Prodeo. You can read Dr Robert Merkel on Coal Seam Gas and fugitive emissions, Tony Wood of the […]

FAQ Research Interview with Kerry Shine MP

[youtube][/youtube] FAQ Research interviewed Kerry Shine MP, ALP Member for Toowoomba North in his electorate office on Margaret Street on 24 February 2012. We discussed the impact of Coal Seam Gas on the Darling Downs, and how the government is responding to the various challenges it poses. This interview is part of the FAQ Research/Crikey […]