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CSG and agriculture/land use

CSG and agriculture/land use

My brief in writing CSG and the land: straight from the farmers’ mouths was to look at the impact of CSG mining on agriculture/land use on the land surface, leaving the vexed issue of underground aquifers to a separate article. The underlying question was whether CSG activity detracts from agricultural productivity. Clearly it does, and […]

Coal Seam Gas on Brisbane radio and in the news today

Alan Jones interviewed Western Downs anti Coal Seam Gas activist Heather Brown this morning. You can listen to the segment here. I also understand that State Environment Minister and Labor MP Vicky Darling, LNP Shadow Minister Andrew Powell and Queensland Greens Spokesperson Libby Connors will be talking Coal Seam Gas on Brisbane local ABC radio […]

Coal Seam Gas and the politics of alliances

Queensland, as we keep saying, always delivers when it comes to intriguing election campaigns. This year’s is proving to be a doozy. Just as the ALP launched its own campaign, and Campbell Newman was on the back foot over allegations concerning development approvals and his family’s business interests, and a Galaxy Poll showed Newman losing […]

Coal Seam Gas and the politics of the future

One of the big stories in politics and public policy last week was a plan by peak environment groups to approach Wotif founder Graeme Wood for $6 million to fund campaigning against coal mining and coal seam gas, primarily to be conducted through legal action. There are two ways of looking at this. The first, […]

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Please help fund our field reporting

Please help fund our field reporting

As our readers know, we have already made one field trip to the Western Downs, interviewing, photographing and writing about farmers, communities, politicians, Indigenous people and ‘Blockies’ affected by coal seam gas extraction on traditionally rural and residential land. A snapshot of our content is here. Post-production of video interviews continues, and they will be available progressively […]

LNP ‘Royalties for Regions’ policy

LNP ‘Royalties for Regions’ policy

Writing in Crikey today, Ben Law gives readers a fabulous sense of the colour and movement at the LNP launch. The concerned voter, or tired journalist, has somewhat of a less pleasurable experience in navigating the LNP’s website, where, counter-intuitively, the various statements are arranged from 1 to 71 (at the time of writing) in […]

CSG: Should everyone just be nicer?

In Climate Spectator yesterday, Barbara Sharp offered some thoughts about the polarisation of the Coal Seam Gas debate. It’s worth reading her entire piece, but I take the gist of it to be a call for “Australia… to negotiate a mutually acceptable way out of the CSG mess.” In our research on the Western Downs […]

Catholic Church enters the CSG debate

A large number of non-government organisations, particularly environment and scientific and farmers’ groups, have taken positions in the debate over the impacts of Coal Seam Gas. It’s interesting to read, though, that Catholic Religious Orders have now intervened, raising serious concerns about the social and environmental effects of CSG, and its ramifications for justice and […]

Senate Committee rejects bill to give Federal government power over water

Senate Committee rejects bill to give Federal government power over water

In Dr Mark Bahnisch’s interview for FAQ Research with Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters, the Senator referred to bills she had introduced into federal parliament, one designed to allow the Federal Government to regulate CSG and mining practices which impact on water. [See the interview here and today’s Crikey story.] The Senate Committee on Rural […]

American Gas experts in Australia

There’s a very informative discussion on the unconventional gas industry in the United States, and its implications for Coal Seam Gas extraction in Australia, at Radio National. You can listen here to visiting American experts Ian Duncan and Scott Anderson. A conference in Canberra tomorrow will bring together Australian and American experts in unconventional gas […]