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Modi’s blood-stained path to power

A string of hackneyed phrases passed through my mind at “India’s Verdict”, the Australia-India Institute’s lunchtime election watch event in Melbourne last Friday. The food was excellent, the company (most of them, at least) was jubilant, and as I struggled for an articulate way to express my fears, all that came to mind were cliches. […]

“The Grand Budapest Hotel”, Stefan Zweig, borders, exile and Manus Island

I will remember the Manus Island detention centre while watching The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Tim Wilson and freedom of expression

So this brown-skinned Muslim disabled single mother goes to a lecture by a libertarian socially conservative human rights commissioner… It sounds like a joke told by an Andrew Bolt fan after a long night at the pub. “What’s my punch-line?” I wrote on my facebook page as I waited for Tim Wilson to appear for […]


In seeking to support asylum-seekers, we have demanded too little over the years - in order to maintain consensus within the movement, in order to focus on outcomes that policy-makers might consider to be achievable, in order not to look like starry-eyed idealists or scary extremists. And look where it has gotten us.

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Apology to Tony Abbott

I find myself forced to admit that I owe Tony Abbott an apology. In the heat of the 2010 election campaign, I refused to believe his undertaking to turn back the boats. Like many others from the latte-sipping inner-city leftie cultural-relativist brigade (as the fascist racist Andrew Bolt-worshipping brigade choose to call us), I simply […]

Aldi’s Australia Day racism not Australian enough.

Racism is the raison d'etre of Australian Day. Protesting when a supermarket doesn't get its microagressions micro enough is entirely beside the point.

Paul Keating’s Remembrance Day Address, 2013

Address by Hon PJ Keating Australian War Memorial Canberra 11 November 2013 Nine months from now, one hundred years ago, the horror of all ages came together to open the curtain on mankind’s greatest century of violence – the twentieth century. What distinguished the First World War from all wars before it was the massive […]

Racialising the deeds of “a small minority”

In his weekend report on the high incidence of rape committed by taxi drivers against female passengers, Fairfax crime reporter John Silvester tells us that we need to address “the elephant in the room. Most (but not all) of the reports we have received say that the offending drivers were overseas-born students.” Staring at this […]

Have you seen the Budget Emergency? A weekend with #missingbudget

Have you seen the Budget Emergency? A weekend with #missingbudget

It started as a spur of the moment decision made on a Friday night. Two days later, #missingbudget had taken over the world (or at least a very small portion of it).

Crikey’s fantasy cabinet, with four times the women

Tony Abbott reckons he just can't room for more than one woman in his 19-member cabinet, so Crikey has done it for him. Check out our fantasy cabinet, which has four times as many women. You're welcome, Tony.