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Oct 15, 2009

Mark Scott”s memorial A.N.Other lecture at Melb Uni (arranged to coincide with the Walkley nominations announcement, an evening at the Melbourne Trades hall bar pitched somewhere between Oscars Night in Senegal, and the Brownlow with underwear) sure put Rupert in his place, while reminding us to ask the question ‘has old man Murdoch gone completely mad?’

Exhibit one was his attempt to dub the current period ‘the philistine age of the internet’ (ie that period when a whole new media was invented, before being re-corporatised). Exhibit two was the equally whacky attempt by son James to attack public media  (at the edinburgh festival) as ‘creationist’ – ie believes in creating its own content. But ahhhh, maybe it’s like those biblical crazies. Smart huh?

Magical thinking is when you believe that words can shape reality, not vice versa. Folie a deux is when it becomes a family trait. Generalise it to a business plan and you’ve got the Fox News Channel.

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26 thoughts on “Rupe’s troops poop coups

  1. Patrick Brosnan

    “I don’t watch Fox like you seem to.”

    Yet you seem convinced that it a news channel. How strange that you disregard the judgment of others who have seen Fox. You must be a very naive person.

  2. Frank Madden

    Rupert Murdoch looks and sounds senile. That is no problem for me, he is just another cranky old fart with dyed hair who can’t get it up any more and there are plenty of them at my local pub. Just quickly, it isn’t the online organizations that are going broke – it is old-style newspapers like Rupe’s (68 major titles gone to the wall in the US since January). One of the most amusing things about Murdoch going feral over the issue of the intertubes stealing from him is that he had spent most of his working life using his market power by selling his papers below cost to undercut others to steal their market share and sending them broke. Ha ha ha. He’s livid because can see his power waning before his very eyes. Bit like Hitler raging in the bunker. Sorry Rupe, Steiner is not coming. This is nothing if not poetic justice seeing as Murdoch’s life’s work has been as warmongering urger. It must be in the blood, seeing as his old man did the same. Good riddance and good night.

  3. Daniel

    “Intellectual rigor” is saying that the ABC will damage Australia “just like Pravda damaged the Soviet Union” and then refusing to provide even the slightest hint of evidence in support of such an assertion.

  4. sean bedlam


    “Intellectual rigor”. Is that the stiffness around the brain that occurs when a man gives up on the expansive view of life? According to this little Einstein- yep.

  5. gregb

    @Tee: As someone relatively new to Australia and new to the ABC I have seen no evidence whatsoever that it is a “leftist propaganda machine”. I think you are just sour that Aunty doesn’t let right wing retards come on and spout unsubstantiated nonsense without calling them on it (like Fox). Maybe when the conservative side of politics in this country can present a sane worldview it will get more coverage. Just look at Insiders where they weekly provide the “right” with airtime to vent their rubbish and who’s the best that the right can come up with? Bolt, Akerman, and to a lesser extent Henderson. Pathetic. It’s not the Aunty’s fault that there’s no one up to actually presenting a conservative viewpoint that is evenly vaguely rooted in reality. Another example is QandA where conservative pollies and commentators are always included. Regarding 7:30 report I’ve seen O’Brien give Labor pollies just as tough a grilling as any Lib polly.

  6. tee


    So you err think CNN, CNBC are fountains of knowledge where little Einsteins like you go to get the latest news around the world. Or perhaps it’s the Fairfax op-eds with such sentinels of intellectual rigor like err Ken Davidson, Guy Rundle or all those others?

  7. sean bedlam

    “Fox News is the most successful news channel in cable history. You may not like the results but that’s what it is.”

    Pointing at the retard mountain doesn’t help.

  8. tee

    Well thought out come back, Ryan. Lol.

  9. John Ryan

    (edit: no need for that Mr Ryan)

  10. Daniel

    Ok, so you don’t have any evidence. Thanks for playing!

  11. tee

    I did.

    The ABC is essentially captured territory by the left wing and continues to propagandize left wing views and attitudes. It should be closed down, not sold off. Closed down and everyone there fired and the worst offenders ought to have their pensions and entitlements revoked as a lesson.

  12. Daniel

    Um, no tee. I didn’t ask for unsubstantiated opinion and ridiculous hyperbole. Please explain how the ABC will damage Australia in the same way “Pravda damaged the Soviet Union.”


  13. tee


    I don’t watch Fox like you seem to. As I said earlier so I don’t really know who it appeals to, however it must be appealing to a lot of people as it is destroying the opposition to the point where it’s almost embarrassing. Can you explain your own experiences and why exactly you think it attracts crazy elements? And dude, “crazy elements” doesn’t equal people who aren’t left wing nutjobs.

    Can you offer any evidence that Rush is openly racist on his show?

    I’ve seen an excellent interview with Glen Beck and the appalling Catie Curic. I had never seen Beck before other than reading fulminations about him from left wing goon squads and headkickers like Rundle, so I immediately thought he must be a good guy. The interview showed him in an excellent light and i wasn’t disappointed by my earlier hunch.


    The state shouldn’t be running news programs or we invariably end up with propaganda shows like we currently do now with a former Whitlam staffer running the 7.30 report and basically carrying water for the ALP…….Or with a leftwing clown running Lateline who also happens to be overweight. Simply put taxpayers shouldn’t be asked to fund political commentary as one side of politics invariably captures the territory.

    As a left winger think how you would feel if some one like Glen Beck took over the 7.30 report and turned it into right wing propaganda in he same way Kerry O’Brien- the former Whitlam staffer- has with the 7.30 report?

  14. John Ryan

    About the only thing FOX NEWS is a mouthpiece for the crazier elements of the right (Edit).
    Russ Limbaugh is a sucessful radio host who appeals openly to racists, you have no problem that FOX NEWs interviews him and nod along,that FOX make no comment on the fact that right winger Milita openly carry guns at Obama Rallies.
    If you think FOX is a NEWs Channel you have no idea what I and about 99% of people regard as news,so far as Murdock I think the reason you like Murdocks version is you belong on the political right, just how far right I think from your comments you would be right at home with Glen Beck.

  15. Daniel

    Explain how the ABC will damage Australia in the same way “Pravda damaged the Soviet Union”. Go on.

  16. tee


    Even at Crikey and on Rundle’s blog threads there are minimum IQ standards. If you manage to sneak though try and not make it that obvious.


    Fox News is the most successful news channel in cable history. You may not like the results but that’s what it is.

  17. Grog

    Are we meant to pronounce “coups” as “coops”??

    Variety did it better with Sticks nix hick pix. 🙂

  18. Daniel

    “Rupert’s son was also correct in denouncing what he called state funded journalism as it may causes a lot of damage to a country in the same way Pravda did to the Soviet Union of old.”


  19. scot mcphee

    Tee’s argument can apparently be made without reference to any counter-arguments, so yes why would you do that.

    As for Fox being a “news” channel, recent events (and Fox personnel’s own statements) have severely discounted that idea.

  20. Christopher Scanlon

    Is tee a plug-in? If so, where can I download it? I don’t see it listed here:

  21. tee


    Why would I do that? I still trying to comprehend the incomprehensible drivel that Rundle has dished out here. Would Rupert pay for it?

  22. BH

    Tee – I think you had better read Mark Scott’s lecture. A few surprises there for you to consider.

  23. Sophie Black

    hey, there were free drinks, don’t knock it.

  24. tee

    What an incomprehensible silly piece this is. Rupert isn’t “mad”, Rundle. (Edit) he seems pretty mentally competent and I’m sure wouldn’t delve into things he doesn’t know like economics where he would across as an illiterate buffoon. Rupert is the most successful newspaper man in the world, Rundle, so suggesting he’s mad is perhaps a new intellectual low for you.

    Rupert’s argument is a reasonable one that most reasonable people would understand. That is, news content isn’t “free”, someone is paying for it and if the model continues this way most news organizations will end up going broke or journalists won’t be able to be paid anywhere near what they are now.

    Unlike government funded news organizations balance sheets are finite, Rundle and if the money runs out you call the liquidator. Other than bad journalism Fairfax looks like hitting the wall for that very reason. Rupert’s News will last a lot longer of course as it doesn’t produce human waste like The Age or the Sydney Morning Herald which these days have become essentially unreadable leftist trash.

    Rupert’s son was also correct in denouncing what he called state funded journalism as it may causes a lot of damage to a country in the same way Pravda did to the Soviet Union of old.

    I don’t watch Fox, Rundle unlike you it seems. However Fox News has come from nothing 12 years ago to being the most watched news station on cable in the US. It’s viewership seems to be growing while CNN etc. are lucky to be holding water. I understand of course that your view of success would be different to that of a normal person, so perhaps making judgment the way I have would be different to the more subtle, highly intellectual metric you use (Rupert is mad)….

  25. Jonathan Green

    yes you know you’re at the hub of modern Australian press award giving when the bulk of the audience are either A: subs from the Northcote Leader or B: the pervy guy who normally hangs round the bar on Wednesday night coz it’s where they hold the go go dancing classes.

  26. Ben Callinan

    Unfortunately it seems that the Wild West of the Internet is being tamed by the Railroad of commerce, with its twin rails of paywalls and data mining from social networks. Net filtering is the sleepers…ow my analogy hurts