Mar 22, 2010

Crikey live-blogs the health debate

Join the Crikey Team, plus an expert panel of our regular commentators including Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane, Croakey's Melissa Sw

Join the Crikey Team, plus an expert panel of our regular commentators including Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane, Croakey's Melissa Sweet and pundit Richard Farmer, as we live-blog the big Rudd-Abbott health reform smack-down at 12:30pm today. Stuck in the office? Watch it online here. And read the rules of the debate here ("The first rule of Press Club is..."). And don't forget to play along with First Dog's drinking game.

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16 thoughts on “Crikey live-blogs the health debate

  1. Simon Chapman

    Mobius – -I know “preventative” is a word, but so is “orientated” when “oriented” will do, and “empathetic” when “empathic” saves ink and saliva too. You will struggle to find “preventative” used among anyone involved in preventive medicine. The international journal is called Preventive Medicine, and I know of no University Dept called the School of Preventative Medicine”.

  2. jenauthor

    Why does the PM have to look at people when they speak in this kind of forum?

    Some of us listen carefully while looking elsewhere (in my case, so I don’t get distracted by what the speaker’s face is doing). I know I’m not being rude, on the contrary, it is a concerted effort to pay attention.

    I am not saying this is the PM’s excuse, but not looking doesn’t necessarily mean ‘rude’.

  3. Mobius Ecko

    Adjective: preventative
    1. Tending to prevent or hinder
    2. Preventing or contributing to the prevention of disease

    Noun: preventative
    1. Remedy that prevents or slows the course of an illness or disease
    2. Any obstruction that impedes or is burdensome
    3. An agent or device intended to prevent conception


  4. Ern Malleys cat

    Rudd smacked Abbott and The Polliegraph smacked The Worm.
    Abbott even less popular than Matthew Franklin from the Oz!

  5. jenauthor

    Simon — there was a strong reference to prevention from the PM … but he stressed that the foundation of funding needed to be in place so those other services aren’t stymied by duplication and cost shifting.

    Plus … they could only answer the questions asked (2 min limit) and journalist focus was on hospitals and hospital-based services.

  6. jenauthor

    OBlizzard — spanking is a good word.

    TA’s negativity just looked like he was shooting himself in the foot. If the voting public has any say (like the worm) he won’t get any traction from this debate.

    Tony might be a debater and a pugilist but he wasn’t the smooth, or cool, or reasoned. He seemed whiny. His performance will only reinforce the public’s lack of love for him.

    Rudd looked and sounded professional while Abbott had no refernces and no policy to espouse.

    If I were interviewing them both for the same job, I’d be taking Rudd in a heartbeat. Actually — there’s an election around the corner isn’t there…?

    The thing for journalists to understand is that they might think they can influence opinion (and at the moment that attempt at influence is very pro-liberal) but in a situation such as this, the voting public get to voice an opinion via the worm — and though the worm is always polarised, the outcome was pretty cut and dried.

  7. jchercelf

    Until Kevin Rudd learns the accepted rules of acknowledgement by name, and eye contact with, his questioner – one wonders.

    Yet he won the ‘debate’ hands down without any manners at all.

    Joan Croll

  8. OBlizzard

    Politically that was an out and out spanking. Ouch, I wonder if that will take the shine off Tony a little. Man, the guy got exposed as having no policy and on the anti-politics front i.e. negativity.

    Anyone notice he got a bigger applause than Kev in the openings!?!

  9. Simon Chapman

    And still not a word of detail still about prevention – still being used as a throw-away debating confection, and mangled one at that (it’s pronounced preventive not preventative, fellas). We have near highest longevity in the world; male lung cancer rates today are now back at 1962 levels/100,000; road toll lowest ever; heart disease rates at record lows; immunisation rates way up. But so much more to do to “compress morbidity” from chronic disease into as few years as possible. But not a word.

  10. [email protected]

    I want to know about this plan of if you cannot get into a Public Hospital how you will get into a Private Hospital. I have experience of where the opposite happened due to the Private Hospitals being full (I have Private Health Insurance). I had a Tension Pneumothorax, sat on a gurney for 24 hours (plueroovac, tubes and cardio wires on), while they tried to find me a room in a Private in Melbourne, I then ended up in a Public 4 room one for 4 weeks.

  11. chinda63

    The worm loves Rudd and hates Abbott. It’s a communist conspiracy!!!

  12. paddy

    Cough..Splutter…Coffee all over keyboard and the debate hasn’t even started.
    Curse you pussy!! 🙂

  13. Ern Malleys cat

    Paddy, do you mean Steve ‘The Worm’ Fielding is refereeing?

  14. Leigh Josey

    We are even aiming to get out super early today!

  15. paddy

    I can hardly wait. Turkey slapping, freckle punching and even *THE WORM* on live TV.
    Bring it on.

  16. Ern Malleys cat

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

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