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May 23, 2010

Gauleiter Bolter, lays down the law on Jew-aboriginal race mixing

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Guy Rundle


One tunes into the Bolter’s blog less and less these days. Like MySpace and torturing children in desert prison camps, he seems so early ‘zeroes.

But this one caught the eye:

“How can the ABC ban whites, Irish and Jews from applying for this nice job:

Administrative Assistant
Job No.:491663
Department:ABC International
Work type:Ongoing Full Time
ABC International
$46,638 – $58,368 p.a.
This vacancy is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people only, which reflects the objectives of the ABC’s Equity and Diversity Management Plan and the Equal Employment Opportunity (Commonwealth Authorities) Act 1987. “

And how can it at the bottom of this very same blacks-only ad make this boast:

The ABC is an equal opportunity employer.

Clearly it’s not. Something must go: either the racist restriction or the boast of being non-racist. Or are these people liars as well as racists?

There follows the usual, apartheid Bolt swatch, where he questions the aboriginality of people with pale skin.

But of course the interesting thing is the insertion of ‘Jews’, which Bolt appears to believe to be a racial, rather than religious category. He’s wrong of course. By both conversion and family heritage, there are a number of aboriginal Jews, one or two of them prominent figures I won’t embarrass by dragging their names into this morass.

Bolt’s so eager to have a crack at the left/ABC?Ruddite/freemasons, that he revives the notion of Judaism as an exclusive, and racial, category, as last favoured by, erm, ….the Nazis.

Well played Bolter!

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4 thoughts on “Gauleiter Bolter, lays down the law on Jew-aboriginal race mixing

  1. RICK68

    Still Not Sorry and Mein Kampt two books I keep in my attic. Two books that are a load of crap, but I hold on to these bits of crap as a reminder. One book by Hitler, and the other by Andrew Bolt.

  2. Chris Owens

    By Bolt’s reasoning then Muslims would not be able to apply. Sorry Anthony Mundine.

  3. Holden Back

    So who’s gonna buy Andy one of those helmets???

  4. Daniel

    “whites, Irish”