Get the ring. Then take out the insurance policy. The British Government thinks that marriage should be accompanied by a policy covering the costs of divorce. And Divorce Cover Limited is happy to oblige.

16-11-2010 divorceinsurance

One of Britain’s junior Justice Ministers, Jonathan Djanogly, said this week that “Couples are too ready and too willing to run to the courts. We think there can be a wider market in before-the-event insurance. We would be creating a new market, but we want to see a market.”

His advocacy of divorce insurance follows a Government decision to drastically cut legal aid for marriage separations. Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke wants to scrap legal aid for divorce lawyers. This means, reports the Daily Mail, that anyone who wants to protect their share of the fallout from a broken marriage will have to pay for their own courtroom advice. The proposal raises the spectre of hundreds of thousands of husbands and wives taking out ‘before the event’ policies against the cost of divorce.

Mr Clarke is looking for savings of

£178million a year – to be achieved by removing legal aid support from ordinary divorces and family disputes. He also hopes tens of thousands of divorce and family cases can be kept out of the courts and be dealt with by mediation and mutual agreement.

The Daily Mail reports:

At present, many households already have legal insurance alongside their insurance against burglary or loss of property.

Divorce insurance would be an extension of this and was introduced in the USA in 2005. It is now available in Britain and one company, Divorce Cover Limited, offers a divorce insurance policy to UK residents.

Premiums start at around £750 for a one-off policy – or couples can pay a monthly standing order of around £10 for their entire marriage. The average cost of legal fees for divorce in the UK is £13,000 and the policy promises to cover this.

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