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Nov 19, 2012


This morning’s Age carries the story of the Taliban press release which apparently inadvertently revealed the organisation’s entire mailing list when a spokesman managed to hit “cc” instead of “bcc” in what US-based ABC news described as a “Dilbert-esque faux pax”.

It may be Dilbert-esque, but before we laugh too hard at those tech-clumsy Taliban, fumbling their way into the cyber age, it’s worth remembering that this particular faux pax is also Assange-esque. Wikileaks much-vaunted encryption to secure the anonymity of its sources reportedly unraveled due to a chain of events following “an error thousands of email users make daily: choosing “cc” rather than “bcc”.” 

Oh, Dilbert. From Afghan religious extremists to silver-haired Melbourne cyber-hipsters – you know us so well.









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