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Jan 29, 2013

Stick your racist, sexist bullshit up your arse, Tim

Tim Mathieson is keen to encourage men to take responsibility for their health, and he knows that it's an uphill battle. So he tries to make a prostate examination sound like fun. "W


Tim Mathieson is keen to encourage men to take responsibility for their health, and he knows that it’s an uphill battle. So he tries to make a prostate examination sound like fun.

“We can get a blood test for it, but the digital examination is the only true way to get a correct reading on your prostate, so make sure you go and do that, and perhaps look for a small, Asian, female doctor is probably the best way,”

Oh, ha. Ha. Ha.

Given that he was addressing members of the West Indian cricket team at the time, I’m wondering whether the First Bloke was in the zone of racial stereotypes about physicality. Black men with their big sexual appendages, Asian women with their small, dainty fingers. What’s a white heterosexual male supposed to do to assert his blokiness?

So far, the response from the Coalition seems to be confined to tut-tutting and emphasising their commitment to free speech. George Brandis veered into the realm of Freudian slips when he said that the remarks were a “slightly unfortunate racial reference” but we don’t want to be politically correct and “have in this country a culture of finger-wagging.” Especially if the finger is up a bloke’s bum at the time.

Anyway. I am neither a medical doctor, nor small, but I’m an Asian female (although I’m guessing that Tim probably meant Thai rather than Indo-Pakistani) and I would be very happy to give the first bloke a prostate examination by sticking his racist, sexist, homophobic bullshit up his arse.



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11 thoughts on “Stick your racist, sexist bullshit up your arse, Tim

  1. mark gluyas

    if anything he was helping australian men (who have a fear of doctors and in alot of cases foreign doctors) break the belief that foreign doctors are somehow inferior to white old men with glasses. alot of tough guys may now be happier to go to a foreign doctor because of the first bloke. but people like you who have an over inflated sence of self righteousness muddy the water so the message to men gets lost because because you choose to be offended by most things that happen around you.

  2. burninglog

    from todays smh

    “This week I’ve had a fourfold increase in men requesting digital prostate examinations as a result of Tim Mathieson’s light-hearted quip. The fact that I’m a female with tiny hands does not signify misogyny on men’s parts, but rather a preference for comfort. Good on you, Tim, for demystifying an embarrassing procedure, and encouraging men to take action. Humour seems to have worked, at least in my surgery.
    Dr Vivienne Tedeschi Macksville “

  3. burninglog

    Would Tim be forgiven if he came out the next day & said “Me so solly” ?

  4. briefly

    So much indignation. But I wonder why. I can’t see how Mathieson’s remarks do anything to impugn either females or Asians. If anyone looks slightly foolish, it is Mathieson, who made a joke that centres on male squeamishness.

    This is a health issue, that’s all. Somehow men have to be persuaded – for their own and their families’ benefit – to have rectal inspections by a medical practitioner. It’s one of the things that is still semi-taboo in our culture. How do you talk about it? How do you get men to agree do it? How do you take the embarrassment away? Mathieson tried to joke about it. That’s not the worst thing one could do.

    It does seem that you’re taking offense at the suggestion that these examinations should be performed by Asian females. But why? There is nothing “wrong” with prostate inspections. It is just health practice.

    Neither male nor female bottoms are so mysterious, but it is still not culturally acceptable to talk freely and openly about our bodies, even where the story is really about preventing illness. We should not have to feel there is some embargo on matters that are, really, very commonplace and, while they are intimate are not in any way matters for embarrassment.

  5. izatso?

    HB, your ‘X-Ray’ is right on to it ! ….and as someone else explained, “…… is this ‘fingergate’, our sharp Old Media’s serious investigative probe ? Quite good, I would say !

  6. izatso?

    I should let you know that when you grow up you will find this article will make you cringe. This is your opinion now, but prepare yourself for some ….” umm, shoulda’ held off a bit there …..” feeling ….. Nemind, we do make these little mistakes. Well done Tim, for some needfull highlighting .

  7. Bodhi Edwards

    Dear Shakira,

    You are an out of touch, over opinionated so and so. Do you know how embarrassing it is for men to have a finger stuck up their bum? The discomfort, the stigma and anxiety is killing too many men. Tim Mathieson, love him or hate him, is a bit of a bumbling idiot. His only intention was to break down so of the stigmas of prostate checks using a stereotype that Asian females have small fingers.

    Why you wanna be journos, attention seekers and bloggers always jump to the race card is beyond me. Get a life.

    Yours sincerely,

  8. Ratsars

    What a load of bat guano.

    The FB comments are about as raciest or sexiest as what my cat and dog say.

    I have been saying something similar for years regarding my dentist. She is a small Asian (Indian I think though it does not matter really) lady who is very skilful has a wonderful personality (especially for guys like me who hate people putting their fingers in ones mouth) and her small dainty fingers make the experience acceptable which is something I could not say for the male dentist I have attended who to a man have fingers like tree trunks.

    I am white old and male and I have no objection to being described as such. Accordingly, there is nothing racists or sexist in describing someone as Asian female.

    Whenever I am discussing dentist I always recommend that others should look for small Asian female dentist because they do a great job. They are talented and skillful and have a very pleasant personality and the one I go to has the skills to put nervous clients at ease.

    If the Author had any sense she would have realized the significance of the laughter generated by the FB comments. Most men would understand the significance of such a comment for having a rectal examination is not the most comfortable of experiences and the size of the digit has some bearing on this.

    It appears to me that the author of this rubbish need to grow up and should stop looking under ever rock for insults that are not there and were never intended. An article on encouraging men to have their prostate check would have been a much more mature endeavor.

    But maybe I am mistaken and it is the discussion of a rectal examination the offends the author. If that is the case it is about time that she grew up. It is articles like this and others in the MSM to numerous to list that has led me to believe that journalist should be classified a noxious pest and then should be neutered to stop them breeding.

  9. Andy Cap

    Furthermore, anyone who says the sorts of comments (a ‘joke’ – look it up in a dictionary) Mathieson made don’t belong in a tolerant society are wrong and they ignore history in doing so. Such things do belong. What doesn’t belong in a tolerant society is this intolerance to anything that might offend, which includes innocuous throw-away lines that are designed to make a speech on a serious and taboo male topic a little less so. In days gone by, these were once known as ‘ice-breakers’. Remember them? And guess what, people laughed at it! History shows us that it’s a slippery slope to a heavily-censored dictatorial society if we start to be directed by a fear of offending absolutely anyone. The cynical thought police highjack the process and soon enough we’ll all be pliant little drones. The healthiest and most liberal societies on earth are those that can laugh at themselves and each other. Australia has been one of these societies for a very long time for these very reasons. As a nation, we’ve been able to not take ourselves too seriously for a very long time. Now the thought police want to change all that because they can fashion the weak and precious amongst us into a weapon. Poking (pun intended) a bit of fun at each other, taboo topics etc. is not only a healthy way to live, it is a way to raise important topics in a language and style that most people can relate to. People should Google what actor and writer Stephen Fry thinks about being offended.

  10. Andy Cap

    What a humourless, dull and precious society we’ll be living in before too long. Are people really getting offended by this? How weak and pathetic. I’m certain those present did not come away thinking less of Asian female doctors, or be obsessed with finding out if all female Asian doctors have small digits. This throw-away line only gets air because the weak and easily offended, and those seeking to score cheap political points, have nothing better to do. Of course, I’ll get howled down because I’m not female, a doctor, or Asian, nor do I have small digits. The irony is that when people argue that my view is ‘out of touch’, they won’t see the discrimination they are applying to me. What I know is this: a number of people in this country need to HTFU or they’ll waste a lifetime hunting down anyone who makes a gaff, or makes an attempt at humour for the crowd they’re speaking to. Simply being offended by something does not make what was said wrong or even offensive. How does a comment like Mathieson’s erode or denigrate society in any way? It doesn’t. The precious hue and cry that results does by lowering the bar. There are societies on earth that shoot women for allegedly looking sideways at a man other than their husband. We should be building a robust society that allows people to say “get stuffed” rather than “you hurt my feelings and I’m going to sue”. Anyone who gets offended by throw-away lines like this needs to obtain a life, a healthy sense of humour (self-effacing always helps), a backbone and something better to do with their time. Self-esteem comes from within, it is not up to other people to safeguard and nurture it for you. Toughen up, Australia! Oh, btw, half of Queensland in underwater – that’s a serious and distressing issue!

  11. Holden Back

    They should have prostate examination caravans in every mall and square, like they used to have breast X-ray vans.

    But if it’s rockin’ . . .

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