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Labor in 2013: a lot of red herrings, very little hope

CrikeyJan 18, 20131 Comment

by Malcolm Farnsworth It was easily dismissed as silly season puffery but Julia Gillard laid out the ALP's re-election strategy in her

A straw man argument in any language: a response to Shakira Hussein

CrikeySep 10, 20122 Comments

by Benjamin Herscovitch Writing on The Stump on Thursday

In Australia, we're all happy little Vegemites

CrikeyOct 3, 20111 Comment

Kevin Rudd, it seems, is not unique. Just as the Foreign Minister last week proclaimed himself to be a happy little vegemite, so too do 78% of Australians aged 18 years and over claim t

Sarah Palin plays the waiting game

CrikeySep 14, 20116 Comments

Staying out of the formal race does not appear to be doing Sarah Palin any harm in her efforts to become the Republican Party presidential nominee. During the debate between the decl

Malaysia deal off: High Court rules against government

CrikeyAug 31, 201148 Comments

The federal government's refugee swap deal with Malaysia is in tatters after the High Court ruled the scheme unlawful. Chief Justice Robert French ruled Immigration Minister Chris Bo

Steve Jobs's resignation letter

CrikeyAug 25, 20116 Comments

Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple. Here is his resignation letter in full. To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community:

Obama going from bad to worse

CrikeyAug 19, 2011

From bad to worse. President Barack Obama is off on his bus version of a whistle stop campaign tour and according to Gallup he needs to rustle up a bit of support.

Coal seam gas a welcome issue for Labor

CrikeyAug 16, 20113 Comments

Tony Abbott might have been back-tracking yesterday morning on taking action that might slow the development of the coal seam gas industry but that will not stop the issue being trouble

Nearly standing still on unemployment

CrikeyAug 12, 20111 Comment

A year ago the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that in July 2010 there were just under 587,000 unemployed. Yesterday came the news that in July 2011 there were 576,000 officially looking for jobs. The economic recovery has stalled, writes Richard Farmer.

Less time in the slammer in the ACT

CrikeyJun 28, 20115 Comments

Canberra does not have one of those shock jock radio talk show hosts. The national capital makes do with a series of quite refined and broadly sensible hosts on local ABC radio. T