September, 2013

Crikey’s fantasy cabinet, with four times the women

, Sep 17, 2013

Tony Abbott reckons he just can't room for more than one woman in his 19-member cabinet, so Crikey has done it for him. Check out our fantasy cabinet, which has four times as many women. You're welcome, Tony.
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When you hate on Mirabella, you’re one step from the fruit bowl

, Sep 13, 2013

It's become the hobby du jour in Leftie ghettoes to hate on Sophie Mirabella as she struggles to hold her seat. Mirabella's crime? She is apparently annoying and unlikeable. Let's stop and think about that.

Conroy announces first tranche of media reforms

, Nov 30, 2012

Stephen Conroy has unveiled the first stage of the government's response to the Convergence Review.

Blowback from Sydney riots: ‘punch her for the police’

, Sep 20, 2012

Articles by various Muslim writers this week have displayed differing impulses, sometimes within the same article. I'm hedging my bets and trying both.

Thomson and Slipper: desperate times for a desperate government

, Apr 29, 2012

The Gillard government has been, in policy terms, a good one. It’s not up there with the Hawke-Keating or early Howard governments, but its economic management has been better than both of those courtesy of the steady hand of Wayne Swan, Treasury and the independent RBA, and it has accumulated a substantial reform agenda in […]

Nanny Sends Tracey and Tony to the Naughty Corner

, Mar 29, 2012

Tony Abbott’s proposal to provide taxpayer-funded rebates to subside the cost of nannies made me roll my eyes, but not much more. It’s Tony, after all – I don’t expect any better from him. The string of self-indulgent, self-justifying, sense-of-entitlement utter bullshit articles by female journalists and commentators like Tracy Spicer, on the other hand, […]

Is China showing Australia the way on carbon emissions?

, Oct 12, 2011

Showing Australia the way. My eagle-eyed colleague Glenn Dyer spotted this on the Xinhua website : “China introduces nationwide resource tax, adjusts rate.” “The State Council, or China’s cabinet, announced on Monday it will tax all resource products starting Nov. 1, extending the resource tax on domestic sales of crude oil and natural gas from some regions […]

The health funding blame game continues

, Oct 10, 2011

The buck passing on public hospital funding is well and truly back. The Tasmanian government last week announced it would cut more than $60 million from its elective surgery budget over the next three years. That means, according to federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon, that the state risks missing out on Commonwealth funding for not […]

Cracks in the strange creation of Queensland’s Liberal National Party

, Sep 23, 2011

There was always something strange about the combination of the Queensland Liberal and National parties into a single Liberal National Party. The interests and beliefs of city and country conservatives have their differences but they were papered over in the quest to create the united front that would defeat the dreaded Labor Party. It might […]

Gillard’s future according to the Crikey Leadership Indicator

, Sep 13, 2011

So suppose Labor does take the plunge and sack another Prime Minister: who would the party turn to? Yesterday morning’s Nielsen poll puts a strong case for Kevin Rudd’s return but the betting markets on the event don’t have him favourite. Some bookmakers have Simon Crean as the most likely choice while others opt for […]

Why is the PM so unpopular?

, Sep 07, 2011

If you were in another country and not watching, listening to or reading Australian media reports and simply looking at the official statistics you would probably assume that ours was a well governed country doing remarkably well compared with most other nations. That is certainly what the various international comparison surveys show yet here at […]

Chatting about leadership

, Sep 05, 2011

I’m quite sure that the journalists who wrote the leadership stories that dominated the papers throughout late last week actually did speak to Labor Party members of parliament who told them of unrest in the ranks about Julia Gillard and the various possible alternatives. Politicians are great gossips and no subject excites them more than […]

Coal seam gas a welcome issue for Labor

, Aug 16, 2011

Tony Abbott might have been back-tracking yesterday morning on taking action that might slow the development of the coal seam gas industry but that will not stop the issue being troublesome for him. The National Party clearly has concerns about the impact of the mining technique on farmers as Barnaby Joyce has made clear during […]

Canberra: where coffee and politics go to die

, Aug 04, 2011

Throughout history, cafés and coffeehouses have been instrumental in political and commercial activity. So what does it mean when you can't find good coffee in Canberra?

Gillards’s stellar 7PM Project performance

, Jul 14, 2011

She’s certainly gutsy, our Prime Minister. There she was Tuesday night on the  7PM Project looking jovial and relaxed as the headlines flashed up on the screen showing disastrous opinion poll ratings. Good humour did not desert her despite such provocation and the smiles were natural not forced. Quite an achievement by any measure so I have […]

The scare in a scare campaign and pollies on the Project

, Jul 13, 2011

Treasurer Wayne Swan was going on again yesterday morning about the dishonest scare campaign that the Opposition is running against his “good policy for the future that creates a prosperous economy and a sustainable environment.” Listening to him on ABC radio it was as if he thinks Newspoll is measuring the views of slow-thinking people who […]

It’s bad, but it’s going to get worse for Labor

, Jul 12, 2011

While the carbon tax debate is about something that’s going to happen, Labor is in for a public opinion poll hiding. People are wary of change and they don’t trust politicians — especially politicians who have so recently lied to them and broken a promise not to introduce one, writes Richard Farmer.

I’m a teenager and the Baillieu government is f*cked

, Jun 30, 2011

Crikey work experience kid Ruby Krupka writes: Teenagers aren’t generally very political people, and I know this because I am one. I like to think I’m worldly, but in reality I am incredibly self-absorbed. However, politics have recently started having an impact on my world and I’ve found myself swept up in all things political. […]

Less time in the slammer in the ACT

, Jun 28, 2011

Canberra does not have one of those shock jock radio talk show hosts. The national capital makes do with a series of quite refined and broadly sensible hosts on local ABC radio. The Canberra Times gives a generally intelligent and non-inflammatory coverage of local events as does the only local television news on WIN. Perhaps […]

Fielding delivers final Senate speech

, Jun 23, 2011

Yesterday afternoon Senator Steve Fielding presented his valedictory speech to the Senate: I have always loved listening to stories. I love sitting around a campfire with my kids and telling them stories of my own childhood, growing up in a large family of 16 children. There is something about a story that allows others to […]