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Australian politics

Crikey's fantasy cabinet, with four times the women

Cathy AlexanderSep 17, 20137 Comments

Tony Abbott reckons he just can't room for more than one woman in his 19-member cabinet, so Crikey has done it for him. Check out our fantasy cabinet, which has four times as many women. You're welcome, Tony.

When you hate on Mirabella, you’re one step from the fruit bowl

When you hate on Mirabella, you’re one step from the fruit bowl

Cathy AlexanderSep 13, 201359 Comments

It's become the hobby du jour in Leftie ghettoes to hate on Sophie Mirabella as she struggles to hold her seat. Mirabella's crime? She is apparently annoying and unlikeable. Let's stop and think about that.

Conroy announces first tranche of media reforms

Bernard KeaneNov 30, 2012

Stephen Conroy has unveiled the first stage of the government's response to the Convergence Review.

Blowback from Sydney riots: 'punch her for the police'

Shakira HusseinSep 20, 201218 Comments

Articles by various Muslim writers this week have displayed differing impulses, sometimes within the same article. I'm hedging my bets and trying both.

Thomson and Slipper: desperate times for a desperate government

Bernard KeaneApr 29, 201297 Comments

The Gillard government has been, in policy terms, a good one. It's not up there with the Hawke-Keating or early Howard governments, but its economic management has been better than both

Nanny Sends Tracey and Tony to the Naughty Corner

Shakira HusseinMar 29, 20122 Comments

Tony Abbott's proposal to provide taxpayer-funded rebates to subside the cost of nannies made me roll my eyes, but not much more. It's Tony, after all - I don't expect any better from h

Is China showing Australia the way on carbon emissions?

Richard FarmerOct 12, 20117 Comments

Showing Australia the way. My eagle-eyed colleague Glenn Dyer spotted this on the Xinhua

The health funding blame game continues

Richard FarmerOct 10, 2011

The buck passing on public hospital funding is well and truly back. The Tasmanian government last week announced it would cut more than $60 million from its elective surgery budget over

Cracks in the strange creation of Queensland's Liberal National Party

Richard FarmerSep 23, 20113 Comments

There was always something strange about the combination of the Queensland Liberal and National parties into a single Liberal National Party. The interests and beliefs of city and count

Gillard's future according to the Crikey Leadership Indicator

Richard FarmerSep 13, 201119 Comments

So suppose Labor does take the plunge and sack another Prime Minister: who would the party turn to? Yesterday morning's Nielsen poll puts a strong case for Kevin Rudd's return but the b