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climate change

A two in three chance that 2010 will be the world's warmest year on record

In the 12 months to the end of October the world’s average temperature measured by NASA was 0.65 degrees Centigrade warmer than the average calculated between 1951 and 1980. Whether the calendar year 2010 ends up as the warmest year on record is still to be decided but the evidence of an increasingly warmer world […]

2010 will be the year of the climate change electoral stoush

The World Meteorological Organisation says that the most recent decade “has been the warmest since records began 160 years ago.” Tony Abbott says yesterday that “the world’s warming has stopped.” It’s seems almost certain that climate change will be a major political battleground throughout the coming election year.  Arguments about the effectiveness and impact of the […]

Omissions Trading

It really is quite extraordinary hearing the squeals of outrage coming from the Coalition MPs suggesting they haven’t got enough time to consider CPRS amendments and that the debate on such an important issue is being rushed. Leaving aside the fact that this is the second time the legislation has been before the Parliament, and […]

Use of power

It is hard to keep track of the varying views regarding the economic feasibility and energy potential of the different modes for generating electricity.  There seem to be so many different views about what can and can’t work. Professor Barry Brook,,22606,26330976-5006301,00.html a well respected climate change scientist at the University of Adelaide’writes today that […]

When Scientists say ".... oh shit"

I’ve heard it said before that the facts around climate change have the capacity to make people go straight from being concerned to being despondent – skipping over the rather useful stage that usually sits in between, where people do all they can to try to ensure the thing they are concerned about doesn’t come […]

Environment centre stage this week

In some ways, the many people who feel environmental issues should get far greater political and media attention should enjoy this coming week in federal Parliament.  Climate change, including the debate on legislative measures specifically aimed at ensuring a reduction in greenhouse emissions, is likely to be front and centre this week. (Of course, climate […]

The Frontline of Climate change: Pacific Island peoples

On Tuesday night, July 28, around 300 people filled the Brisbane Room in Brisbane’s City Hall to hear speakers from the front line of climate change – residents of the Torres Strait and Pacific Island nations Tuvalu, Micronesia and Kiribati.  It’s very rare for me to attend a forum with seven speakers all addressing the […]

What matters about utegate

I don’t dispute that there are some interesting twists and turns in the utegate/fake email saga.  But it always infuriates me that politicians and political commentators will devote endless hours to such things, thus excluding any real examination being given to issues, policies and legislation that directly effect peoples’ lives. There has been some small […]

Making the necessary carbon cuts "can't be done".

This comment by Climate Change Minister Penny Wong is a clear and simple example of why the views of the major parties and most environment groups are so far apart on how best to respond to the threat of climate change. Commenting on the National Climate Emergency Rallies held around Australia over the weekend, Senator […]

Anti-coal action outside Qld Minister’s offices

I’ve often felt calls to ‘stop all coal exports’ were far too unrealistic.  But it is just as unrealistic to think we can even begin to make the necessary cuts in greenhouse emissions while governments continue to invest large amounts of money into “maximising coal exports”.  So it’s no surprise that climate change campaigners like […]